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Don't be a dumbo.. watch

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    My cousin just got malware on her smartphone by visiting a shady 'free movie streams' website. I cleaned it out now.

    This has got the be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in terms of user mistakes. Any normal person knows not to visit shady websites, especially not on your smartphone and especially not without protection installed.
    This is also the main reason the Crypto worm is so popular nowadays; there are a loooooooot of stupid users!

    cousin: "but I thought you can just open websites with a smartphone?"
    me: "Yes but a smartphone's principle is not websites, it's apps"
    cousin: "I don't care about that apps crap, i just wanna surf"
    me: "Was it a normal website?"
    cousin: "yea"
    me: "How do you know?"
    cousin: "i dunno, i just wanted to watch my movies"
    me: ".. if you visit an illegal streaming website, you're bound to get viruses.."
    cousin: "just fix it will you"
    And she's 32 years old.. mind you..
    This is one of my pet peeves with end users. Their lack of knowledge and their stupidity is all over the map. Even small-sized companies make these idiotic mistakes!!

    Gosh.. don't be as dumb as her.
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    While I don't disagree and we do need programs to make users safer it's entirely the wrong angle to attack from.

    Yes users need to be careful. But the tech industry takes a fairly unhelpful view of it always being a users fault. You email got hacked? Your fault for using a weak password. You didn't change the default password on some devices? Sucks to be you. We are always going to have people that don't know what they are doing. Developers need to be taking steps to make hardware and software naturally safer.

    Blaming users for poor security is a huge issue in the tech industry. Users are ignorant and nobody does anything about it.
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