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Hello guys.

First I wanna say that I really don't know if this topic it's ok on here,so if isn't I apologize.

I am a qualified optometrist from Romania.I have been trying to convert my qualifications to be able to practice as an optometrist in the U.K for the past 3 years.The G.O.C haven had my documents in all this time and have not given me any response as to whether they approved or not. They have not rejected my application but,always tell me they don't have time to look at my file. I have been trying everything with them,calling every day,e-mailing them every day, they gave me same answer every time "we are too busy,we will get in touch with you" ,its becoming very frustrating,and I don't really know what else to do!
Anyone of you have any idea what else I can do? I'm really missing testing,it's something what I really like to do.
I wanna apply for doctorate in optometry,what I can't do it for the moment because of them . Any help is wellcome.

Thank you and sorry if isn't the right topic!
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Hey I am a student Optom, final year, I would say just wait! I know it's hard but from my experiences GOC can be a pain to deal with but they often come through! Stay strong

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