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I'm a year behind... watch


    (Original post by lotthamm)
    I keep obsessing about the thought that I'm a year behind and it makes me feel awful.

    Basically, I done my GCSEs in 2014 but didn't really realise that I would have a life after secondary school, so at the last minute I decided to go and do performing arts at college. That didn't work out so I went back to my school to do A Levels, but I ended up being a week and a half behind and didn't go regularly because of anxiety since I ended up losing all of my friends, so I couldn't catch up with the fast paced work and the teachers told me that I had to drop out after the first term. After this I quickly decided I wanted to do media in college instead so spent 9 months waiting for the new school year to join a Level 3 course in 2015.

    Now I'm a term away from finishing my college course and have just sent off my UCAS application, but all of my old friends from secondary school went to uni in 2016. Even though I have new friends who are either my age or older than me at college, I feel pretty crap because I'm essentially a year behind because I was made to drop out. I know a lot of people either resit a year of 6th Form or do a Level 2 college course before doing Level 3, or they take a gap year, but I'm still just upset because I could be at university now.

    My birthday is in July so it's not like I'm that much older than anyone anyway, but it's just annoying because this one thing from when I was 16 has practically determined my life for the past 2 years. I guess it's for the best because I've made better friends by being at college and realised the school ones weren't my true friends. I try to think about how everyone sets their own pace and it's okay to take my own time because it's only a year, and because I'll be a year older I might be more ready to go than if I had gone when I'd only just turned 18, but it doesn't really work. Because then I think about how if I went when I was 18, by the time I'd graduate I'd only be 20, just about to turn 21, and could start my life quicker by being in my early 20s. Even though I'd only be 21, just about to turn 22, by the time I graduate anyway.

    Is anyone else in the same situation? How do you make these thoughts go away?
    Simply realise that no-one will care about that, as it's not secondary school. Everyone at uni has different circumstances, and are expected to act like an adult so meaningless things like age won't matter. You'd be surprised at the amount of mature students (and also those who are a year or two older) will be attending your course (and other courses).

    I always forget that I'm year (or two) older than some of my friends, and also that a few of them are a year or two older (one of us is doing his masters in Computer Science, and is 26 I think).
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