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Is it possible to spot someone who is suffering from anxiety or depression? watch

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    I was just wondering would people realise if I suffered from anxiety? are there any physical signs ??

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I was just wondering would people realise if I suffered from anxiety? are there any physical signs ??
    Hi there,

    Depression and anxiety can be quite difficult to spot from the outside. However, there are some signs that a person is suffering. I suffer from depression and anxiety myself and these are the signs that my close friends/family spotted. People who barely knew me, or people who I had only just met didn't really take any notice.

    Those with depression may appear to be unhappy (frown). They may isolate themselves, for example, if you're with a group of people, you may stand away from them. You may appear to look exhausted. If you're on antidepressants your eyes MAY be dialited (my antidepressants make my pupils look like saucers, but it doesn't happen to everybody). When I was at my lowest point, my close friends (this may not be noticable to everybody) would comment on how 'sad' my voice sounded - I had no enthusiasm in my voice.

    In regards to anxiety, you may appear on edge, perhaps sitting funny or may appear stiff. Or it could work the other way - you may be shaky or sweat. (I suffer from the shakey, sweaty kind). People with anxiety may breathe in a shallow way. When I have a panic attack, I tend to stare at one spot and I become hot to the touch. I shake uncontrolably.

    These are quite generic signs, ones that I myself have experienced, but each person has a different set of symptoms.
    I hope that you've recieved help with your anxiety/depression.

    Sometimes yes- sometimes no. I think it depends if you decide to borrow the mask from the local clown or not.

    I started reading a blog by Rhonda Elkins whose 23 year old daughter committed suicide- her mother said there were no clues. A couple of days before they went shopping, watched a movie and had dinner. She always just seemed so happy but she hid it so well her whole life.

    There can be obvious signs- I was sat in a physiology lecture in a row with a kid I didn't really know well, but someone I've always said hello to. He made a joke and smiled, but I honestly just saw the raw pain in his eyes. I could not just ignore that because I recognized it. I asked him if we could talk and we did breakfast on a sunday at a local cafe. We just talked and I gave him a journal and told him I was here if he wanted to talk. I didn't do anything special but he said I did help him. He's actually become one of my closet friends.

    With me my doctor friend noticed when I was just sat on a sofa at a party he commented that I looked like I had a lot going on in my mind and he later gave me this look and I knew he knew. He makes it a point to offer lots of hugs and to talk to me if we see each other around. I haven't told him anything.
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