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    So I've been at a differect sixth form now for 4 months and I still feels like I haven't made any friends and it's very lonely.With all of my old school friends I have drifted apart so I don't talk to anymore.There's only one person but he goes to a different school.At this new school on the first day I got approached by two really nice girls saying they could show me around but got interrupted by two others as they recognised me from social media and old friends.Now I highly regret this as that made me miss my chance of maybe having some pretty good friends as I always watch them with the other girl that was new and she seems to be so close to them and it's too late for me and I can't just follow them around or something.At first hanging out with the other girls wasn't so bad,I got really close to one of them that was new as well but soon realised the other one had no interest in becoming close to us and would just be a friend you sometimes talk to in lessons.I ended up being left just me and talk one girl.It wasn't so bad at first till I realised that she's not really the sort of person I connect with,she talks a lot about herself and when I try to get a word in or talk about something I either get interrupted because she related to it and starts talking about herself or I kind of get igored,she seems very not fazed by me.Then she started trying to become popular,befriend everyone and we all know it's all only fake friendships,I see her commenting on girls social media that she never says a word to in real life.In frees when I'd be alone and trying to find her she'd be in the common room with the groups of people I know of just sitting there acting like she's part of it or friends with them when the whole time no one even realises she's there but she still sort of shrugs me off.Now she started becoming close to these two other girls that I'm not very keen on and tbh I don't really wanna spend my time following them around when I feel unwanted especially since all they do is talk abut the times they got high or actually go and get high during school.Me and her have started to drift very much over the holiday,not really spoke and when we came back to school it was just awkward and she looked like all she wanted to do was run off to those girls.We used to always talk and tag each other in thing and now I just see her tagging that other girl and me and her barely even spoke in the last 3 weeks.I really don't know what to do as I don't really have any friends at all.I talk to people in my lessons but all of them already have their set groups and seem uninterested for others to join.There is a girl I'm very close to in one of my lessons that we sometimes text and plan to hangout but it's hard because we only have the closeness in lessons,as soon as we leave the classroom I can't really hang out with her at breaks or frees unless none of her friends are there as they have said to her they are not happy with her being so close to me and so I'm left with only being able to text her and rarely go out with her outside the lesson.There's also one guy I'm close to that we send a few texts now and then and sometimes hang out in our frees but that's only about 3 frees or less a week and again if he's with his friends I'm not really in the picture as peple get annoying since they're already a set group.I only talk to him in lesson and get to hang out with him only a bit other than that I spend all of my time alone during frees and breaks.I don't mind frees as much as I can go and look like I'm doing something or maybe actually do some work but it's very awkward at breaks as I get very hungry but I have no where to go without looking awkward or like a loner.Now that I'm drifting apart from that girl I'll be spending more and more time alone at breaks and it's especially bad when I have a free before lunch and I cannot go home anymore as I live further away so now have to spend 2h alone.Any tips and ides of what I could do to manage being alone in sixth form?I've already accepted the fact I won't be making any close friends as they're all already set groups and will either get annoyed if I join or I might not connect with.Its hard for me to make friends now as I've spent my 5 years in secondary being popular and now that's all taken away it's quite hard to adjust especially when people have treated me badly in the past so now I can't really trust anyone and gotten used to being on my own but it sometimes gets quite lonely and awkward when I'm just by myself watching everyone have fun and enjoying themselves.

    Unfortunately things like this do happen, especially having been popular before it must be hard for you to be in an environment where you feel alone. I went to a sixth form where I knew no one. I wish that was an over exaggeration but it isn't. I knew no one, no one from my school came with me. I now have a best friend and a group of close friends, and a few other groups I can go to if I want to. I think what I learnt is that you have to be friendly, I found it so hard to make friends at high school when I first joined but college was a breeze. Why? Because pretty much everyone was in the exact same boat. You need to find people in your lessons who look nice, and approach them. Ask to sit with them at lunch. It doesn't matter if it feels awkward or you think that they'll perceive you as strange. You can't live life waiting for people to come to you. Find out their frees etc. Finding people to sit with at Lunch is the most important thing. If you don't make more friends, work in all your frees. At least you'll be putting it into something productive.

    Holy damn almost got a concussion from slamming into that wall of text.

    I was like that for a while. Just give it time. You always have us nerds to talk to
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