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    I think I will fail my GCSEs I have 5 months left; I is this enough?

    What is the best revision technique? Should I just keep repeating past papers?

    5 months is more than enough. People in my school got 8 A*s after preparing for only 2 months. For science, geography, business studies and computer science (if you took any of them), memorise the specification. This is so important and many students don't realise it. After you've memorised it, try doing some past papers. You'll be amazed how many questions you can do. Keep doing past papers. You'll definitely pass.
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    Please help.
    Revision is the only thing I do. I have no life. No friends. The only thing that is keeping me alive is the hope that my education will give me a better life in the future. The reality is that I'm not good at the stuff I enjoy you know? So basically I'm just alive.
    I feel inadequate as a person since there are people much more intelligently than me and I often ponder on why I'm alive.

    hey i feel the same way dw. best thing to do is find those videos online explaining things if you dont understand them or ask a teacher for help. im doing good in school exams but im scared ill fail the actual thing but hopefully i wont. good luck revising

    Don't worry at all! 5 months is more than enough, try to do small, spaced out chunks of revision this early so you don't burn out before exams start!
    So I'd say begin going through your work and pick up any areas you know you are weaker on/don't understand, start trying to get your head around them. If you do a language, then vocab vocab vocab! Maybe re-read your English texts.
    Closer to exams - Easter maybe? - begin spending more time revising, make revision materials if they are helpful to you but don't waste time making laborious notes on every single point you've learnt if that will just bore you! Rough notes is okay, flashcards, posters, videos etc.
    Then much closer, start hitting those past papers! (I know you will be on the new system but I still think these are your best bet!) These are the best way to revise and perfect exam technique all in one go. It's okay to get longer answers marked by teachers if they're willing to, but try to really analyse the mark scheme because that way you will see exactly the wording they are looking for - aim to write the first given answer, not what's in the 'accepted' column.

    Now for a bit of a disclaimer: this was my plan last year, however I had some unfortunate family circumstances which threw everything into the air and I didn't end up starting my revision until 2 weeks before my first exam! However I literally ploughed through everything, it wasn't always enjoyable but I managed it!, and I came out with 10A*. SO IT CAN BE DONE!

    Sorry that was so long, if you/anyone else want more help just ask 🙂

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