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    Okay this is be a long one, but hopefully the process of writing this all out will clear my head abit.

    I'm currently in a relationship with a girl (17) I'm a guy (18) and we've been together for just over a year and a half now. We met toward the end of year 11, she goes to a different school not too far from my own (a boys only school) and we were "official" just about when GCSEs finished. That summer I went away for a month to a country for some charity expedition with very little opportunity to speak to her. Upon coming back (she unfortunately went off on holiday the day before I came back) she told me she'd made friends with someone from my school, nothing more than friends and she told me he had been very foreword to her (when he was drunk) and said he liked her. To this she said I has a boyfriend etc etc and essentially friend zoned him, and I said I wasn't really comfortable with them being friends and she blocked him off on everything.

    This was odd for me because he wasn't one of my close friends, was in a couple classes with him but that was about it. But now and still I really hate him for that he did. Anyways, things went on and it was clear to me that my gf wasn't at all cheating on me or anything like that. But it has continued to plague my mind to this day. I will see him around school and where as before I would have said hey I just ignore him.

    Well this has gone on a year and a half now and tbh I was pretty over it. Until recently I was at an 18th party with my gf and he was there. There was quite a lot of alcohol there and he got pretty pissed, so did I and he started saying things, not to me but to my gf. Stuff like "so we aloud to talk" "he (implying me) isn't over it but I am" to which she ignored. The night went on and we all went out to a couple bars, big group of about 40. At this point I'm pretty pissed but not too bad, he grabs my gf, So obviously I reacted and pushed him. I didn't hit him, I just pushed him around and three guys dragged me back. Me and my gf left and got a taxi back to hers. I was so frustrated and angry. At the time I wish I had hit him, and I'm so glad I hadn't because of the criminal charges it could carry. But this can't continue. Why is he still being such a ****, even if it's not about her anymore, to me?

    I've talked this over with my gf and she says there is hinestly nothing between them and I believe her but he can't just lay his hands on who he likes. What should I do to help this situation? I'm (hopefully) off to uni this year and won't have to see him ever again. Should I just wait it out and keep cool?

    Sorry for the long read, if anything else needs explaining just ask, thank you

    Some people only learn when they get a solid punch in their face. Ofc you can try to speak with him when both of you are sober, but I bet it won't lead to any results.
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