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Hi guys, what's the difference between the veterinary paths to take?

I'm a mature student and considering it a possibility but not sure how many years of education it'll take and whether or not I'll handle the work load!
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Veterinary medicine and veterinary science are both the same, they're just different names. After the 5 years you will be accredited as a veterinary surgeon by the RCVS, it doesn't matter what the degree is called by the university.
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As Nox has said, they're both the same thing, and both will allow you to practise as a veterinary surgeon at the end (in contrast to courses like biovet etc).

I believe there used to be a difference, with 'vet science' being the old name for a course similar to biovet. At least that's what my vet told me when I applied and wrote 'science' in my personal statement. Either way that is no longer the case.

I think differences in course names have remained so that different universities still give different postnominals. At RVC for example, the course is 'veterinary medicine' so graduates get BVetMed. At Edinburgh it's 'veterinary medicine and surgery', so graduates get BVM&S. At Liverpool it's 'veterinary science', so graduates are BVSc. It used to be possible to tell which university a vet went to from their postnominals but I think now there are more vet schools a couple of them have overlapping titles.

Anyway, TL;DR both vet med and science are the same. All D100, D101 or D102 courses on UCAS will allow you to qualify as a vet.

As for how long it will take, the standard is 5 years, but it can take more or less depending on where you are in your education. If you already have a suitable science degree you may qualify for 'accelerated' graduate courses that are only 4 years long. Alternatively if you meet other requirements you may be eligible for 'gateway' courses, which are 6 years in length. If you don't yet have qualifications that will allow you to get into university then obviously it will take a little longer.

It's tricky to be sure but one of the best ways to determine whether you're able to handle the workload would be whether you've done/can do well in the qualifications needed to get you in to vet school in the first place.

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