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    I'm a sixteen year old, currently studying biology, physics and chemistry A levels. I've always struggled with mental health issues in the past, but never to the point where it was interfering with my work. But it's getting in the way now, and it's terrifying. I've always aimed high, for my parents' sake more than my own, but I literally cannot study at the moment. Every time I sit down I just feel overwhelmed completely, I want to fling myself out the window. I keep having panic attacks and breaking down. I just want to do well, but my stupid brain keeps getting in the way and it hurts so bad. I'm not sure I can do this much longer. I did really well at GCSE but something's just...snapped. I honestly can't concentrate for toffee anymore. Please can someone give me a hand if you've ever been in a similar situation?

    Honestly that was me. I recommend taking a gap year.
    I had As and A*s at GCSE triple science, only one B in all 12 modules of science (3 cwk + 9 exams) but ended up with a B in bio at A2, C in chem at A2 and C in Phys at AS.

    Tbh that was a miracle lol I was so stressed out to the point of being physically sick and feeling nauseous and panicking just from seeing a textbook, my attendance was so low I was almost kicked out of 6th form, and I was so unmotivated I left everything til the last minute which stressed me out to the point of no return lol, I started revising for my GCSEs months earlier than my A2s ffs.

    I had problems at home (not like terrible mitigating 'someone died' problems but stressful nerve wracking situations nontheless) and I guess I was so stressed out because of the expectations my parents had of me (wanted me to do medicine and had this idea that I was going to get A*s which I mean I didn't even wanna do medicine and that would cause arguments) and I didn't really like the subjects plus I wasn't getting any of it and coursework was stressing me out, teachers telling you this is life or death, and it just became too much.

    I'd recommend a gap year to sort yourself out and then start again. If that's not an option, I guess all you can do is grin and bear it and just try to focus on making it through. Deffo find someone you can talk to/ vent to throughout, it helps and try and get help while you're studying. See the GP about your mental health, if you have a school counsellor talk to them.

    One thing I regret is missing school which I did a lot. If I'd atleast gone in then I would've atleast been forced to do SOME work. Also remember you don't have to do 10 hours of revision all at once every day. Try getting an hour done a day, time it and try and keep yourself there by making notes and attempting the textbook questions and it'll make you feel so good and less guilty.

    anyway I rambled on for way too long, hope I helped somehow, feel free to PM me if you want to ask any more questions

    good luck!

    It's okay. Relax, take a break. Revision isn't the most important thing, your mental health is. You have plenty of time until exams, and your motivation will be back to normal in no time if you take some time out for yourself. Your first port of call is your PT. Tell them how you feel so they can provide you with the support you need, so if you feel this way at college you have someone to talk to. Perhaps, try small amounts of revision in public places like the school library, so there isn't as much pressure on you. Sometimes, revising alone in your room can seem big and scary and horribly lonely and anxiety inducing. But in public, it can be more comfortable. You can ease the pressure off a little bit.
    Remember, these are your a levels and no one elses. Never study for other people, or to please an expectation a parent or teacher has of you. Study for you. If you feel its too much, stop. You don't live to please your parents, as I said, your mental health is more important and I'm sure they'll agree too. Try talking to one of them, chances are they'll understand and at least give you a hug and reassure you. Sometimes thats all you need to make you feel a little better.
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