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    Just wanted to know if anyone had any advice, or had been through something similar.

    I go to a prestigious University, and I'm pretty certain I was quite lucky to get in (grades weren't incredible, came from a poor state school, parents on low incomes and no higher education etc etc so would've got lenience and I'm sure ticked some boxes).

    This university is filled with students that have a very high opinion of themselves, if that makes sense? The word elitist comes to mind. I'll start with an example. I study Computer Science, and an "IDE" is basically a program that makes it easier to write/ test out our own code (removes the manual aspect). At least 4 times now, someone has noticed that I use this certain IDE. They always ask why, and I say "Well our lecturer uses it so I thought it would be easier to use a program I see someone else using" as I'm completely new to programming. They always shake their head at me, roll their eyes or even say something quite rude, and proceed to "suggesting" (although it never sounds like a friendly "I would recommend..." which one I should use. And it's all based on preference, they're all very similar once you're used to it.

    Hopefully this example helps you understand what I mean, and things like this happen constantly. The professors/ "experts" do it too sometimes.

    I'm also yet to find anyone that I get along with, everyone else wants to compete to be the best. And because of the way it's set up, and the workload, it's very hard to speak to anyone outside a specific group of 4 of us. So I find myself preferring to be alone.

    Yet to meet a single person with similar interests to me. Nobody has my (I'll admit, quite silly/ immature) sense of humour. I'm not a serious guy most of the time, I like light hearted jokes and conversations. Of course I enjoy the odd work related/ intelligent conversation but this is all they want to do. It's just nothing like me at all.

    Anyone ever had this? Or any advice? Just don't fit in at all and always feels like people are looking down at me xD Atm I'm just going with the "just get on with it" approach but I worry about how it will affect me long term.
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    Which uni is this?

    Computer Science, from my experience, can be full of shy/anti-social people. Essentially, what I ended up having to do was to join societies that I'd never thought I'd join. I made friends from outside of my course, but also when I went to this society, I made friends with people from my course as well! You never know who you'd meet in a society which it's why the best way of meeting people.

    Unfortunately, some courses are dead and there's not a lot you can do about it. You've tried to relate to others but no one seems to share your interests, it can happen, but definitely join societies or even a sports club and see how things go.

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