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Why does this always happen with me and this guy? watch

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    known a guy for a year now, but haven't seen him in more than 3 months as he's gone for a year abroad (and won't be coming back until June).

    When he was in the UK, we slept together a few times though it never became anything more as he was moving thousands of miles away, didn't want to get into a relationship etc.

    Anyway, he left in the summer, and we kept in touch online; speaking almost every day. We always used to flirt here and there and given the history it seemed normal, but then we started sending very full-on messages to each other, then we stopped as apparently he'd met someone over there.

    Anyway, a few months later it appears that he isn't dating anyone, and neither am I, and we started again heavily flirting and sending explicit kinds of messages.

    This is the 3rd time now, and I know that deep down I would like something more, but I'm not sure he would. Aside from that, we're good friends, get on well and talk about a variety of subjects, and we've had good and bad times together.

    I know it's probably not a good idea to do that, but I find it hard to resist with him, and it seems to be the same for him. I'm not going to see him though for another 5 months... do you think I should try to wait it out and see if anything might happen when he gets back, or does it sound like it's just a bit of fun for him? Thanks
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    You should still focus on yourself while he's gone, but you could try and see what's going to happen when he's back. I can assure you that on his year abroad he's having a lot of fun and also meeting a lot of people so he's probably doing more with girls there.

    Friends who came back from this experience were so happy and optimistic it was unbelievable and some of them even stopped taking things seriously. But I guess it's different for everyone, just saying it might change him in unexpected ways or not at all.

    Don't get too attached until he doesn't prove that you're more to him than just fun.
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    Thanks for the reply Yeah, he told me that there's nobody over there, and I guess he hasn't even got anyone he's having a casual thing with as he wouldn't need to flirt with me.. though I may be wrong. He's probably not interested in anything serious, and I need to break the habit of talking to him; he's already hurt me before and it may happen again...
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