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I reckon that Melbourne University only offers Law in postgrad level which is fine, but I am wondering what undergraduate subjects I should choose to compliment it. My friend suggests that I should choose Arts (Commerce, business, finance), while other suggests that I should go for something harder from the beginning like Biomedicine.

Nevertheless, the main problem that I am experiencing is that I am kind of confused with its entry systems... I am an Australian studying IB in Hong Kong so I will be using my IB direct results to apply as a domestic student... then I came across something called Commonwealth supported places, domestic fees, scholarships and guaranteed entry for law which confuses me. Also, another problem is that I dont know how the IB and ATAR conversion works... I am currently predicted a 43 in IB and I think I will get a 41-42, worst 38 eventually... what are the chances that I will get in with a 38 for Biomed and Arts??? and can someone please explain to me what are my Melbourne U pathways to Law??? Thanks
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First off, this is a UK site so you're unlikely to get a response on here from someone who has been through the system. Is there no way of emailing the uni and asking? It may also be a good idea to sit down and go through the website with a fine toothed comb as things like entry requirements should be listed on the website and info about what your qualifications mean. Good luck!

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