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    Hi there,

    I have just paid a visit to the vet as my cat was urinating blood. I went in and the vet was immediately very cold, my cat is usually fine with vet trips and is very friendly even purring in the examination room. He didnt want to come out of his box so i ushered him out and the vet wanted to feel his stomach, and asked me to hold him still which i did.

    He was obviously squirming and she just kept snapping"Face his head forward!" and was clearly getting irritated. I was doing my best to keep him still, and he really wasnt moving that much. She just said "Right well hes not letting me feel." and then proceeded to try and take his temperature, obviously he carried on squirming and within 10 seconds she said "Right hes not letting me do that either". I had brought a urine sample in and so she sent me away and said she would call with the results later.

    My cat is quite large and so you would think that she could have asked another member of staff to come and help hold him steady? But no she just seemed irritated and snappy. I kept trying to make light heart of the situation but she just seemed miserable.

    Is it just me or does anybody else find this unacceptable? Surely being a vet she expects to deal with difficult animals on a daily basis! My cat is lovely and barely put up a struggle.

    I am just wondering whether i should put in a complaint, as i have had pets all of my life and have never had myself or my pet treated this way at a vets before. I took my cat in to be examined and all that was achieved was my handing in the urine sample i had got the night before.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I would say something. Vets should be used to dealing with difficult animals and if they need to be examined then they should be able to make that happen without huge problems.

    Yes, I would definitely give them a call and let you know that it wasn't a great experience. If she's like that with every animal, and gives up just because it's a bit uncomfortable, then she could be missing a lot of signs indicating to something more serious
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