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Why is this subforum so right-wing? watch


    (Original post by Craghyrax)
    As I said, I've been a mod since 2009, and involved in the support team for longer.

    I'm sure that it's easiest for you guys to think that disagreement/warnings for your views has to mean the person interfering is left wing. But that isn't the only... nor even the most likely explanation for that outcome.
    I see. Just to be clear: I was speaking generally, not from my point of view. I don't consider myself right-wing, nor have I received warnings in the recent past. I just found it hard to believe that you don't know anyone on the ST to be the SJW-type. :ninja:

    (Original post by Mathemagicien)
    Why is N&CA full of libertarians, nationalists, and anti-SJWs?

    Just curious to see if anyone has any theories why this is the case.
    I dunno, but student politics doesn't really allow for the middle-of-the-road centrist position.

    You have 3 options it seems. Far left, far right, or cynical self-service because you actually have a career in politics in mind.


    Student politics is why I think the idea of raising the voting age to at least 25 has some merit.

    (Original post by Hydeman)
    I see. Just to be clear: I was speaking generally, not from my point of view. I don't consider myself right-wing, nor have I received warnings in the recent past. I just found it hard to believe that you don't know anyone on the ST to be the SJW-type. :ninja:
    SJWs are fewer and further apart than people think. Like the right on here, they're very visible and conspicuous. Even I wonder sometimes how far the issues I have with the Left are significant, versus just being down to a small proportion of the Left that gets all the headlines and infamy. I'm the closest to a SJW I know on here. Perhaps RK (TSR staff) comes close. But both he and his wife, randomm are critical of Corbyn despite being Labour, whereas I'm not. Most moderators become moderators because they are diplomatic, fairly easy going and down to earth. I'm a lot more argumentative than most mods are. My section is Universities, though, where the content I manage doesn't tend to get me quite as riled up What the mod team is, is liberal. And if people (not you) think SJWs are liberal, then they don't know what that label really means. However, you're right that I don't know all the mods. There are a very large number of us, and changeover is very fast.

    Because it's difficult and not really socially accepted to voice extreme right views in public (this is exaggerated by the right who think that the whole world is against them, but it is nonetheless true to an extent). Therefore, the internet is dominated by people who find it difficult to have these sorts of dialogues anywhere but online (as somebody on the other side of extremity, it's the same).

    I find it hard to blame righties for hatred of political correctness and SJWs, though. Universities and schools, for example, do legitimately tend to make an effort to suppress any sort of political opinion that isn't neoliberal PC shite (this is a problem with private property). Therefore, it seems to become a sort of us-vs-them situation: 'us', the rightist on the internet, who can sneer at SJWs and the tyranny of political correctness, and 'them', the normal sjw liberal, the kind of person who virtue signals and thinks that they are much more clever than they are.

    People who get pissed off by SJW-ness are by no means as minority. After all, that's a large point in why Trump won. People tend to get very sick of being told to what opinions they can and can't have.

    The funny thing about the right online, though, is that they tend to become the thing that they hate. The alt-right, for example, use the exact same sort of dialogue as SJWs, just replacing a word like 'white males' with 'jews' or 'cucks' or something. In the end, both sides are as blinded by identity politics as the other. If you don't believe me, try posting something liberal on a right-dominated forum like this, and then try posting something conservative on a liberal-dominated sphere, like Tumblr or something. You will get a similar reaction from both; the former will dismiss you as either a 'cuck sjw', the latter will dismiss you as a 'racist bigot white male'. It is the result of two communities firmly locked inside echo chambers, both poised with a sense of superiority with the other. The fact that this is what dominates much political discourse is what makes discussing modern politics so frustrating and tiring and pointless.

    Because they in public settings it would look a lot more odd if you ranted against "SJWs" or walked around calling people "cucks", or criticizing Islam.
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