Selling personal Great Gatsby revision notes, York notes and a copy of the text

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Hi everyone, I'm selling my personal revision notes for The Great Gatbsy with a copy of York Notes and a copy of the text itself. I used these for my AS English literature (AQA English literature B new spec). Got an A grade at AS and predicted A* for A2. There's around 30 pages of revision notes including full chapter analysis for all chapters, lots of context notes, how Gatsby links to tragedy theory e.g hamartia/peripeteia etc and full analysis of all key quotations. The copy of the text is in good condition- has a few annotations and highlighting and York notes is in excellent condition/nearly new. Selling these for around £25 (I've spent hours making these notes!!) but may go for cheaper. Will also charge for P&P. PM me if interested- these notes really are a one off; my English teacher used to be a lecturer at Cambridge Uni!!
If anyone wants me to send a picture of the revision notes I'm happy to PM them

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