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I have little empathy for people because I've been bullied and rejected my whole life watch

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    I think I first got picked on at 8. At first I thought it was just because I was new at a school but it persisted pretty much until I was 16. At sixth form people were kinda over bullying people, the same at uni I guess,but I still suffer social rejection.

    I am able to make friends, I've even been told I'm captivating and charismatic when people first meet me but I struggle to hold on to most of them. In fact, sometimes people get a bit obsessed with me at the start. Like infatuated but not neccsesirily in a romantic way. They will want to hangout with me all the time, tell me I'm the best person they've ever met. then suddenly just go off me. I have about a year long friendship span at most. With romantic endeavours, it's a couple of months.

    At uni, I was horrendously shy to start with and made no friends for the first few weeks. Then I suddenly made loads of friends, like everyone thought I was really funny and my confidence went up. These friends lasted me a year, then they realised what I'm really like and now have given up on me

    As a result, I don't really like people and I struggle to empathise with them. Id never hurt anyone but I can't say I really care when I see someone upset.

    I like animals a lot and at this rate I really will end up a crazy cat lady😂

    I am 20 btw, I have never had a LTR and probably never will.

    what do you from this thread? empathy?

    I have difficulties with people myself, but all the hardship taught me to be more empathetic because I know what it's like to be hurt/alone.

    It might be just a phase. I go through periods where I just couldn't give a damn about anyone (or at least, I convince myself of that). I find that the problem with empathy is that whilst on the one side you can be a great support to others, you also know to him them where it hurts.

    Try not to become too bitter. Don't want to end up like myself or many others out there. Try to make new friends and maintain the friendships you do find, but don't stress too much and only work towards the people you truly click with. They are out there.

    As for the LTR. I wouldn't stress too much because at your age most people only want something short-term/casual anyway, but don't rule yourself out.

    I know how you feel, i cant emphasise with anybody either.

    See what I did there? :ninja:

    Seriously though, I'm the same, when people complain about their lives I just look at them and think 'youre blessed, you have no idea what a **** life I have.' Even with the threads on here, most of them are just so ridiculous.
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