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RESEARCH METHODS- Gotta design an experiment linking background noise to stress... watch

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    I've got to design a piece of research to investigate the link between background noise and stress using the experimental method. It's not real and won't have to carried out, it's just a plan for tomorrow's class. Any help appreciated!

    Brief description of experiment- This experiment is used to investigate the link between background noise and stress. The basics of the experiment is to test two groups of participants doing a Rubik’s cube whilst a pre-recorded tape of people talking is played in the background and another group in complete silence. The participants before the experiment will be told that there are people in another room having a very loud conversation when it will just be a tape. The experimenter will be manipulating the volume of the tape by increasing it.

    Experimental Hypothesis (one-tailed)- As the volume of the tape increases, I predict that this will increase stress performance.

    IV- Experimenter manipulates the volume of the background noise.

    DV- The level of stress performance will be measured.

    There will be 2 conditions: control group is the group with no background noise and the experimental group will be the group with loud background noise.

    This experiment will take place in the form of a laboratory experiment. It will be in an artificial environment giving us tight control over our variables and reduces any extraneous variables as much as possible.

    The experimental design will be in the form of repeated measures. Testing the same group of people but under different conditions, that way they both get tested under both conditions. This uses the same people repeatedly giving us accurate results.

    There are many possible extraneous variables which can affect this experiment. Lighting or temperature can be issues if not changed correctly. Some participant variables may occur, the ages, could be a problem as some could be young and others old. Experience may be an issue if some are experienced in completing the cube faster. Lastly, motivation, some could be more motivated to complete the cube faster than others who prefer to take their time.

    1 criticism of this experiment is that it doesn’t generalise to the general public/target population due to it only being tested in 2 groups.
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Updated: January 9, 2017
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