Regretting applying... Media degree/Solent's reputation help??

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Ok, so I finished my personal statement, sent my application off, etc. but now I’m completely regretting it all.

I’ve had an unconditional from Southampton Solent for Media Production, a conditional from Portsmouth for Media Studies, a conditional from Winchester for Media and Communication and another unconditional from Solent for Film Production. (I’m awaiting a decision from Bournemouth for Media Production as well.)

As I applied, Solent was my top choice and so when I discovered I received an unconditional I was ecstatic but since then all I’ve heard is bad things. Whenever I tell people it’s almost as though they don’t consider Solent to be a “proper uni” if that makes sense. That and the bad comments of the media production degree as a whole have left me extremely unsure. I guess I’m really just trying to ask how bad is the uni’s reputation and is it really as bad as everyone makes out? Regardless, I’m sure I don’t want to take Winchester’s offer, Bournemouth’s offer (if I get one) or Southampton Solent’s Film Production offer. As for Portsmouth, the degree looks really good but as a city I’m not sure I like it? I don’t know.

On top of that I’m now worried that media (whether that be production or studies) as a degree isn’t reputable if I was to, for example, go into a completely different career path upon leaving uni.

And, due to many things separate from sixth form, I’m 100% sure that I’m not going to get the grades I thought I had a chance at getting so part of me wants to accept Solent’s unconditional because at least I’ll definitely have a place at uni…

So after all that, has anyone got any advice…?
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Okay, don't take everything everyone says to heart. Solent is fine, I have many friends who go to Solent and they love it. Southampton is a decent city, I mainly go for shopping mind

The part of Portsmouth where the uni is situated is a nice area, right next to the centre of the city and Gunwharf Quays which is excellent for shopping also and is a good student city.

Media is evidently the degree that my closest friend has just done (at Leicester uni) and she enjoyed it and is in a job for it now having graduated last summer.

I would 100% advise going to open days so you can make up your mind for yourself, but as far as I know about Portsmouth and Solent, they are good and my friends enjoy them both.

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