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Anyone with bad GCSE's get an offer for LSE?

And I mean bad bad, not one B in a sea of A*s bad!
Any course in particular?
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
And I mean bad bad, not one B in a sea of A*s bad!

I presume you mean mainly C's by that?

I would imagine it depends on whether you've taken your AS level exams and what results you got in them. If you've got mainly C's then you're already at a disadvantage to the other people applying for the course who are likely to have straight A*'s and A's.

It also depends on the course you're applying for - with those GCSE grades you've got pretty much no chance in getting in for straight Economics, but with a less popular course then maybe you'll have a chance.

If you look at the course information, most of the courses require grade B or above in particularl subjects at GCSE, so if you don't meet the specific requirement then you've pretty much got no chance. Also bare in mind that if they're asking for a B or higher in a specific subject then you'll also have to get a reasonable A level in it.
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I didn't necessarily mean any grades in particular, I'm not sure if I'd be brave enough to apply to LSE. Not really because of being afraid of rejection because I'd expect it but mainly because I know everyone else/my teachers would be thinking I have no chance & I wouldn't want them to think I thought I did lol.

Thanks for the advice anyway. :smile:
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If you are up for it, post your GCSE/AS grades and we can give you a clearer idea :smile:

Edit: Just seen your sig, the GCSE's will make things hard for you. You still stand a chance with good AS grades and good A2 predictions, plus a solid PS, it will all have to be very good. LSE is unfortunately a stickler for GCSE's (not sure about the Govt. dept in particular). Perhaps if you can use the UCAS form or get your school to explain in the reference some justificaiton/reasoning for your GCSE grades?
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Sadly my GCSE grades were down to my 16 year old self being lazy and not caring about education!

I'm 19 now and will be 20 by the time I start university. The past couple of years have been a bit wasted to be honest (shortly after leaving school I developed social anxiety so there have been three failed attempts at college) but with a lot of help from college & a LOT of hard work from myself I am getting ready to start three intensive A levels and an AS. so unfortunately I don't have any AS grades to speak off.

Last year I was getting A's for essays & was aiming for at least AAB. I'm putting a lot of effort into my personal statement, I've already written the first draft and am going to badger my teachers rather a lot to keep checking it over for me. I also should get fairly good reference(s), I get on well with my teachers and they've been amazingly helpful this year.

I'm also now volunteering once a week at a local hospice & have started level 1 british sign language.

I am hoping that unis will see past my GCSEs and college failures and realise how determined I am to get to university. I just don't know if LSE will though, I hear some pretty grim things about their standards haha.
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^ Indeed, LSE reqs can be very odd. They are known as as stickler for GCSE's particularly with Economics and Law courses, not too sure about straight Govt. Unfourtunately with a top uni like LSE they often look for any reason to cut down their applicants for consideration, whether you are suitable for the course or not. However it does seem as though you are making positive steps in your A-Levels, best of luck :smile:.
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Ah never mind then! I think I'll concentrate on what I'm doing rather than worrying about whether LSE will accept me or not. Wasn't meant to be.

Thanks for your help John.