Can't decide what to pick for Course and University, please help

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My A2 predicted grade: ABB
Math: A
Physics: B
Further Math: B (optional , i might drop this later on or keep going)

I am intrested in Biomedical Science, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. Since i have to pick one of them in University- it's very diffcult as i really love those courses. I went to some open days and looks up the course on website and i am equally intrested in what they do, which is a shame that i can't do all three at the same time :/ So can someone tell me which course is better for the future in term of salary and employment?

Also i have applied to 5 unis and really strugging to choose the firm and insurance choice.

- Heriot-Watt university: Biomedical science ( 4 Years BSc)
- Heriot-Watt: Computer Science (4 Years BSc)
- Northumbria university: Computer science ( 3 Years BSc)
- Manchester Metropolitan:Mechanical engineering(3 Years BEng)
- Hull University: Biomedical Science (3 Years BSc)

Not really sure if i should spend a extra year in a Scottish Unis.
Also i really don't know which unis is better in term of the name (
prestigious/ranking). As some people say Hull is a red plate uni so it would look better in CV but Heriot-watt at higher ranking,etc. So i really unsure to where to go.

Would be cool if i can hear you opinion on what you would choose and why .

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Not sure how you'd got offers from 3 vastly different fields with one PS!? Unless you submitted multiple

I definitely think consider taking a gap year if you're really not that sure on what to do at uni. It's a huge investment and I don't think you'd like it at all if you can casual bounce between different courses at this stage, what if you firm biomed and start having regrets in the second year? Same with any other course.

You need to be 100% on what you want to do before you go, have you tried looking at usual routes of employment for these degrees post-graduation? I can't speak for mech eng and biomed but computer science does have excellent salary and job prospects.
That being said, it's definitely a degree which you should be 100% on as otherwise you'll hate it.

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