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Grow My Grades 2017!

11thJanuary 2017

I'm a newby to this, and not the best at studying. However this year I want to do well on my upcoming GCSEs so I am going to commit myself to study, to do my homework better and to procrastinate less. (It will be tough, of that I am sure!)

My motivation, would be various things. One being the fact that with effort and hard work I know I can do well, which is something I proved to myself when I studied hard for my Additional Science mocks. I am also inspired by my mother, who regularly enforces that you can do well when you work for it, "but don't overwork yourself!".

I am more or less at the upper end of the spectrum (top sets, higher papers etc) however in no way am I a genius, perhaps fairly smart but I do have to work hard to do well.

Subjects I am studying, exam board, level and target (not predicted) grades:
[I am doing the new Maths and English GCSE - so 9-1 for those but ordinary grading for the rest.]

  • Maths - Edexcel - higher - 7/8
  • English- AQA - higher - 7/8
  • Science - Edexcel - higher - Core, Additional, Extension - A/A*
  • French - Edexcel - higher - A
  • Computing - OCR - A
  • History**- Edexcel - A
  • Art - (unsure on board) - A*

** History AQA units I am doing:
- Unit 1 - Era of the Cold War 1943–1991
- Unit 2 - 2C The USA 1919-41
- Unit 3 - 3B: War and the transformation of British society 1931–51

I have recently done my mock exams, and I will say that I did put effort in especially into Science (my classes Science mocks were held about 3 weeks before the rest of my mocks). I do know that I didn't put as much as I could in, and aside from science, was fairly disappointed with my results because I know that I could do better. For example, while studying for History I ignored French and English which needed some real practise and effort.

Going forwards how will I improve?
I am going to take what I have learnt about my weaknesses, and work harder. I have created a rough evening study plan for the months of January, February and March where I've planned studying of Core Science, Computing Theory, Maths and History which happen to be my more learning heavy subjects. I will be focusing on these subjects from what I learnt at the start of Year 10 forwards (what is blurrier in my memory basically.)
I simply printed out a calendar template for these months and filled them in in pencil. If you are lacking a printer I'm sure you could sketch it out by hand quite easily.

I will be updating this with new posts, probably some photos and study updates (likely less talky than this intro post!)

If you are reading this, good luck with whatever you happen to be studying and here's to hoping that if you see this when I have finished my GCSEs that I managed to achieve my goals!

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