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Trump compromised by Russian intelligence, reports say watch


    I am sorry, this is rubbish, see below

    (Original post by pol pot noodles)

    Hilary Clinton had classified intelligence on a private e-mail server. She had information which was retrospectively classified after the emails concerned were received/sent According to the FBI it's highly probably that foreign intelligence agencies have snooped around it's content. And so can you, as it has been published in the FBI report. That gives some indication of how important this retrospectively classified material is. She lied to congress about it, and pleaded ignorance to the max, claiming despite being a career politician she didn't understand the concept of classified information. What she said was that she didn't understand that "(C)" before a paragraph in a document meant that it was classified The FBI recommended she not face charges even though they said she was 'extremely careless' with her handling of classified intelligence but somehow not grossly negligent, even though they mean the same thing.A conviction was never a realistic prospect. The comment that she was extremely careless resembled the Irish jury "we find the defendant not guilty but he shouldn't do it again"

    The FBI have already investigated Trump's alleged links with Russia and found nothing. The FBI haven't said that. Trump has said that. The FBI has, rightly, refused to comment. Hence they are probably skeptical of this shoddy, implausible, mistake-riddled dossier, and they are right to be even if John McCain vouches for it's author.
    The audacity of you to even compare the two situations as you have and say we are the ones that don't have our priorities in order!

    Total b/s. The zionist neocons/cia just want to fabricate an excuse for war. Its anyones guess which of the three China, Russia or Iran the globalists would have us go to war with next. Trump doesnt seem to want to go along with that and its causing a bit of a stir with the establishment.

    (Original post by AlexanderHam)
    Actually, he is. He fits the definition of Russian shill very well; he is a shill for Russia.

    Trump serves Russia's national interest, not America's.

    Is English your second language?
    That's your view. In my view, he supports America's interests, not Russia's. English is my first language.

    (Original post by nulli tertius)
    I am sorry, this is rubbish, see below
    -As far as I am aware most but not all were retrospectively classified. Which changes what, exactly? She still had classified information on a private e-mail server. It's common practice for information to be later classified, and it's exactly why you're not meant to use a private server.
    -I didn't realise their was a 'not really that important so don't have to obey rules/law' category of classified information. There's also the issue of the 33,000 deleted emails. And doesn't change the fact that Clinton unnecessarily allowed herself to be more vulnerable than she had to go foreign snooping.
    -So exactly as I said then? It goes beyond her not knowing that (c) meant classified- “Clinton could not give an example of how classification of a document was determined.” Some of her emails discuss and deliberate issues such as future drone strikes. How incredibly incompetent and/or stupid do you have to be to not think that future military operations would potentially be classified?
    -You read the statute code 793 and tell me how Clinton didn't violate it. There are stark similar examples of members of the US military being prosecuted and jailed. 'Extremely careless' means grossly negligent. Whatever the FBI may have meant to say, they ended up saying 'she's guilty but we don't think she's guilty'.

    -News from October last year suggests the FBI investigated the issue last year- Trump, his advisors, and an alleged secret server between Trump and Moscow. And found nothing.

    (Original post by AlexanderHam)
    You don't see why it would be better to have a man who is not a Russian agent in the Oval Office?
    Yes, because that's exactly what I said... :rolleyes:

    Your loaded question aside, Pence is evidently worse for liberal causes than Trump. If you can't see that then I've no interest in continuing with this conversation.


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