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    My family and friends always look down on me because i doing BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma while they all have done proper A-levels. I did not do well in GCSE since i have to do lot of exams within the 2 weeks peroid and honestly i couldn't revise very well and was nervous too. So i decided to do BTEC because of no exams and i have gotten DDD+ and manage to get into a very good uni. So i expecting my family to be happy since i manage to get into higher unis than anyone in the household (i'm the youngest) and yet they still think i'm stupid because i have done BTECs only. I always intrested in computing so it's not like i going to study biology,etc just to pursuit a doctor career and in fact, i always wanted to do programming and particularly computer science in uni. I have aced my first year in uni with high marks and of course there were 2-3 exams in each semester which wasn't a problem because i have more time to focus on revising and there was no stress at all.

    Now i really enjoy my uni life and hoping to get a 1st class and hopefully get a job later. But whenever my family meet up , and this topic sometime come up and they all feel like they are jealous/think i'm stupid because i was able to achieve better in uni while my brother and sister have to go through a foundation year route and honestly they have to go to the top 90 uni while i'm in the top 20 without foundation. Although i have never done any proper A-levels , i still found that BTECs was something that improve my education and life immensely as a result that i found that unis are much more easier than what i have done in BTECs.

    Have anyone ever been in this siutation and honestly i really get tired of people lookign down on us BTECs especially family and friends!

    Are you sure it's the BTEC they're looking down on? It might be the course, I have always known doing compsci will cause a kind of unconscious disappointment in some of my family. It puts you into their imaginary category of "geek/nerd", so they might have started seeing you like that. It's completely unfair too because compsci is such a valuable degree in the modern age.

    Other than that I don't really know what to say, maybe they look down on vocational things for some reason? What did/do your siblings study as a subject?
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    Maybe they're jealous? or nervous because no ones gone down the vocational route before?
    I think maybe people who don't do btecs have got a negative stereotype somehow about them.
    but in reality Btec courses are a usually a lot more related if you want to go into that career/job sector. I underestimated btecs myself until I did one cos I didn't like A levels.
    My dad mentioned sometimes he wished he learned a trade or did a vocational subject instead of a levels due to this current climate in the economy.
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