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    I'm in my first year of Alevels and looking at university. I think I want to go but I don't know what course. I have the idea of journalism (maybe magazine journalism course) but I don't enjoy English lit at the moment as I'm not doing very well. My question is does my choice of University course need to be what I like at alevel or what ???? I am also so unsure about what course so any other suggestions on courses or how to choose appreciated.

    Hi, I'm also in my first year of A-levels and looking at journalism for a career. From what I've read, journalism itself isn't too related to English lit as lit focuses mainly on analysis whereas if you go into journalism, you're writing about events and people. I think that as long as you are good at, and enjoy writing, journalism is a viable option.
    Most of what I've read suggests that a journalism degree isn't necessary for a career, and you can always do a masters or something similar in journalism if you feel that's for you after your degree. As long as your degree prepares you for what you want to do within journalism, it will be ok . If you're interested in magazine writing, perhaps look for courses related to current affairs, such as politics or communications or maybe you could look at more artsy courses, such as textiles, fashion or even a general course in media studies if that's the kind of thing you want to write about. Look at the authors of the articles you enjoy and google them, if you can find a biography it will probably tell you what they studied a uni and how they got into journalism

    Hope that was helpful

    From my own personal experience, I simply googled to see what universities were offering Journalism as a course. Some of these universities also do courses like Multimedia Journalism, Fashion Journalism, Sports Journalism etc. So be sure to have a quick check on each of these universities. From there, see what sort of modules each of the different courses offer. This will give you a good feel for what sort of stuff you can expect, and will also help you decide if you want to do a more specialist Journalism course or not.

    Then have a look at the entry requirements for some of the courses you're considering. Do they specify specific subjects you must take or do they just want you to get a certain amount of UCAS points/grades?

    Have a look at different universities as well. Look at the different courses they offer, and if it seems interesting, then look at other universities that offer it so you can get a broader feel for the subject. I've found that some universities will offer near identical courses, but one university will explain the module better than the other.

    Look into the courses and see if you'd be genuinely interested in studying them, and that you're not just hoping to get into it for money, or because it sounds cool, or because you want to go to University. Like have a look at different subjects and see if anything sparks an interest. Even try searching on Youtube for different universities and watching videos on their courses.

    It doesn't have to be something that you enjoy at A level, although, if you are obviously hating a subject a lot, then perhaps it'd be unwise to take it at university. As long as they don't mention you needing to have specific subjects that you don't have, then any course is fair game.

    Do something you're genuinely interested in. It takes a lot of time to look through the different university courses and find something you like. But it'll be so worth it. Like you'll be spending years (and a lot of money!) on the course, so take plenty of time to look into your options. Try and attend open days, or taster courses in subjects that you're considering, or if you can't, then try looking up some of the career prospects etc. Is it something you'd be interested in doing as a job? etc
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