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    (Original post by ChickenMadness)
    It really depends if the girl was a complete crazy. If she was a complete crazy then I block for my own safety and well being lmao. I mean some girls are just completely bad people with no redeeming qualities. so they need to be blocked for your own mental health. Because they'd probably try to manipulate you / use you still if you gave them a means of contact.

    Sometimes you have to block them because you still love them and you need to get over it, and not seeing their name or face anywhere helps you forget and move on. Would still unblock at a later date though if thats the case.

    Or it can be a mixture of love, hate and confusion and you still need to block it out so you can put it out of your mind and think of other things lol.
    We all have a little crazy in us haha but I know what you mean
    I prefer the latter description
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    (Original post by saharan_skies)
    My sister's ex did something similar to this; they were a LDR and he went on a holiday to Turkey. After he came back, he broke up with her, no explanations given; he pointedly called her a 'cold-hearted *****' and then proceeded to block her on all social media and also me.. To this day, he still has both of us blocked. Yeah, I get it. Petty af, but it's a good thing my sister is resilient and moved on.

    I hope you get closure, you deserve to forgive yourself and move on too.
    Wow. Sounds like a douche. Hope your sister finds the happiness she deserves after such a awful experience.
    And thank you for your kind words. They're truly appreciated
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    (Original post by epsilondelta)
    I think it's a bit harsh but he's clearly not over it yet, otherwise he wouldn't mind. Just channel your inner Elsa and let it go because whatever he's feeling need not pass onto you

    You'll be OK
    He might not be over it or as others have pointed out, he may absolutely hates me
    Well, since we're quoting Disney, "Hakuna Matata!"
    Thank you x
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    (Original post by 571122)
    I've been in his situation and it shows he's still angry and hurt and doesn't want anything to do with you.

    If he was highly attracted to you, that's another story.. closure is.. impossible in that case.

    Two things have hurt me the most with my two previous exes:
    - 1) a cheating ex for whom you didn't have feelings at all
    - 2) an ex who still loves me but does her own relationship thing anyway

    These are reasons for blocking and hating.
    If he's angry or hurt it shows there's still emotion there and we could work it out?
    Maybe. With our "last kiss" he was still getting excited.
    I never cheated on him nor did I ever hide anything from him. I was definitely loyal and trustworthy. We both just said things in the best of the moment was all.
    I'm sorry you're past relationships haven't been the best x
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