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how to tell him i wet the bed ? watch

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    hello everyone. Im 14 and still wet the bed , however the doctors think i should stop by 15/16 i know taht other 14 year old must wet the bed as it says on the pack up to 15 year olds the doctors say if i dont stop by 16 then theyll look at other options ive tried medications before and they didnt really help so i wear drynites pull ups to bed theyre pretty much just a nappy they even feel like like one. I get embarssed about wearing them and they have a certain feeling around my bum and everything like when i move they re adjust and stretch around me but somtimes i do like that feeling as it can be comfortable.

    the only problem im having at the moment is im sleeping over at my boyfriends on friday and im a bit embarassed and unsure if i should tell him about it or try and hide it. My ex knew i wet the bed and was fine about it he even once wore a pair of my drynites to bed with me to make me feel less self conscious.I dont know how my boyfriend will re act if i tell him and i thought i could hide it by wearing pajyama bottoms over my drynites but i think he might see them through my pjyamas and he might touch me while were in bed as he does in the day sometimes. He texted me earlier saying i hope you wear a thong while you sleep, as i do in the day and he likes my bum in them but if he tocuhes my bum at night he'll know what im wearing.

    Can anyone please help do you have any similar experiences ? or advice on how i should tell him or just not say anything.

    Thank you x

    Hey, honesty is best, just tell him. If he's not understanding it's not a good sign about the relationship in general... And love you're 14 please don't worry about boys too much now! You've got your entire life to worry about them!

    Tell him the same way you told your last boyfriend.

    Is it normal in the U.K. for 14 year old girls to be sharing a bed with their boyfriends alone?

    (Original post by FranktheYank)
    Tell him the same way you told our last boyfriend.

    Is it normal in the U.K. for 14 year old girls to be sharing a bed with their boyfriends alone?
    Thats what I was wondering?
    Oh god.

    But I guess its up to you. Maybe tell him just to make sure?.
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    hank you for this i think i will tell him then, i know he was also hoping for me to wear a thong in bed as i normally do in the day because my bums big and i know boys like bums. I also realiesd that im going on a weekend away with my boyfriend and his family soon and as the car journeys long i normally fall asleep so will have to wear my drynites there too but im not sure what to wear so they dont show like if we go for stops and stuff my boyfriend told me he can see my thong through my leggins so im worried about what to wear any ideas anyone ?
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