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    Just failed my GCSE mocks down to being horrific at revision. I mean it's not like I don't want to revise, I made a timetable on when and what to revise but whenever I tried to do revision I would always end up on YouTube or some other media site. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

    Leave your phone in another room. Don't be hard on yourself though. Tell yourself you'll work for an hour, and think of long term why revision is important, and how happy you'd feel with better grades. Give yourself little incentives to revise, like if you revise for half an hour, then spend a bit listening to music.

    Alternatively, do your school offer any revision sessions? Could you not stay behind after school and do some revision in the library or with a teacher? That way, you're in the environment where you're used to working.

    Good luck, you'll be fine I'm sure!
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    Thanks for the reply, I hadn't really done many after school revision sessions so I'll probably try that. As for revising at home, giving myself incentives seems to be the problem as when I try to listen to music for say 5 minutes or so, I end up doing it for ages and wasting all of the time I had set aside for doing the revision. Thanks again though.

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