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i dont know where im going with my life Watch

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    I'm in year 13 and everyone's applied to university and then there's me the let down that hasn't applied knowing the deadline is on sunday. I haven't passed gcse maths I am studying three A levels. I feel like everything is soon coming to an end and feel so anxious about my life after college I have no idea what or where I'm going in life I feel like I'm just going with the flow. I have two older siblings and they are high academic achievers and then theres me failing I feel like a let down my family and teachers have given up on me and no longer acknowledge me anymore .. I suffer from depression, anxiety low self esteem I feel like everything is happening soooo fast I don't know anymore ..
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    I have no passion towards anything that's why I haven't found out anything I want to study at university, I feel so numb and I can feel my mental health worsening by the day I feel so lonely as I do I have friends but they wouldn't understand what I'm currently going through

    Hi, I get where you're coming from. Juggling all that work put together with the mental health problems & stress of university applications and the weight of having high achieving siblings, it must be difficult. Are you retaking maths right now then? Have you spoken to your teacher about doing the application tomorrow?

    If you are unable to send an application this year, why not consider taking a gap year and applying next year? There are a number of options other than university, such as an apprenticeship. Although people look down on people who do apprenticeships, it is a great way to gain a qualification, learn new skills and earn money whilst doing it. When you complete your A-Levels, doing an apprenticeship within the same field or a different one can help you to gain experience on the field, which in turn can widen your career choices. I did read somewhere that you can always go to university after an apprenticeship, if you still wanted to go.

    You should definitely focus on passing maths this year (if you're retaking), as it is needed in the future. Saying that, you shouldn't just give up on your work all together. I have struggled (and kinda still am) with the same mental health problems as you, so I know how that side of things feels. It's like everything's going faster than you anticipated, the work piles up and it's a struggle to even find the motivation to complete any work at all. I know that, when I tried to complete work, I would start the piece and not be able to come up with anything to write about it. I would just be stuck, and I'd just not do it. There's no easy way around it, all you can do for yourself (regarding work, etc) is focus on what is happening now and maybe plan ahead. Plan when you're going to revise/ do work and push yourself. Saying to yourself "I'm going to do this this and this by *set time*" is a good way to push yourself, setting your own personal goal. Even an hour or two a day will contribute greatly.

    Also, even though your siblings are "high achievers", you can't be expected to be as "great" as them. You are your own person, you're not a clone of them, you may not be able to do the things they can do. It's what makes you, YOU. You probably feel like you're letting people down because you're comparing yourself to them, when you're not them. It's just about you, knowing what you can and can't do, rather than comparing educational status, etc.
    You can always seek help from a professional, such as a doctor or a counsellor? Talk to someone, you know and are comfortable with, about it. It'll help to get these things off your chest, face-to-face.

    I know these are all words, but I hope they help even a little bit.
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Updated: January 12, 2017
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