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    So I just got my offer to study at Sheffield, which was a AAB. I applied for BA Economics. I've read a few forums and I'm getting mixed responses about how lenient Sheffield are, how likely are they to accept me with a couple grades short maybe a ABB or ABC? I would've though BA Economics is a lot less competitive than Bsc maybe I'm mistaken, does anyone know?
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    It really depends on how much you miss your grade by and what other people who have offers got. This isn't something you can predict or control so there's no point in worrying about it. Enjoy your summer and wait for your results
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    Sheffield are very lenient, it is very uncommon that someone who dropped a grade wouldn't get in, occasionally there are people who get ABC and get in but it's rare.

    I would take that advice with a grain of salt however as the university is experiencing overpopulation problems this year so there have been talks of reducing recruitment, how or if this will be implemented is up to speculation though. It could just effect the engineering faculty who are the cause of the overpopulation and also the greatest sufferer, or it could be distributed more widely due to the financial value of the engineering faculty.

    Im first yr BSc Economics (a more competitive course) and had an offer of AAB but got ABC and Sheff still took me in. So I reckon you are safe.
    However if i had the choice again I'd go to a different uni. I dont like the Sheffield uni style of teaching, some lecturers in the Econ department are crap and some who are foreign don't have an adequate level of English. It can be quite detrimental on grades.
    The city centre is also quite disappointing in size and activity (coming from a big city). Big stores are also quite far from all uni accommodations. Im just not really enjoying the whole vibe atm. It doesnt have a campus feel that some unis have.

    If you have a good grasp of S1 (stats) and a level maths you'll enjoy cause almost everything is mathsy.

    Just my opinion.
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Updated: February 23, 2017


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