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    Hi ladies and gents. I am an international student here since sept. 2016 and not very used to the UK's way of submitting works. I would be grateful if you can offer me any advice on my situation.

    Before the questions, I beg you to take some time to look at some facts(which I confirmed) for your reference.
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    Fact 1. We are required to submit our work to BOTH bart(this system) and turnitin before the deadline.
    Fact 2. It is our department's rule that any late submissions would result the marks to be capped at 50.
    Fact 3. The dean of the department repetitively stressed to us that we are strongly advised to submit to Bart and Turnitin at least 3 hours before the deadline to leave time to address the potential problems.
    Fact 4. The dean also has us informed that any reasons of computers or systems failure are not to be used as an excuse for mitigation.
    Fact 5. I used one of the 4 pdf writers that the university recommended (in fact the only one that works on my computer system) to transfer my doc to pdf.
    Fact 6. I attempted to submit the pdf to this system exactly 3 hours before the deadline. And the system told me that it has a problem recognizing the pdf and that I should have it "rewritten".
    Fact 7. I attempted several times and failed. So I telephoned the Student Information Desk for help, as I had been advised if this happened.
    Fact 8. I waited a long time and got no answer. So I hurried to the department office.
    Fact 9. The lady at the office told me to use a different PDF writer instead, apart from the 4 recommended.
    Fact 10. I hurried back to dorm. And tried a couple of writers I used before but they did not work.
    Fact 11. When it was 1:45 in the afternoon I became desperate and I submitted the DOC to the Turnitin, and it was successful and as you know there is a record of the submission time on the system.
    Fact 12. I started to use online converters to save time. And when I tried the second one, it worked. But as you can see from the pic, I submitted the first paper one minute late.
    Fact 13. Also as you can see in the pic, I got the provisional mark of 78.
    Fact 14. 13 is an unlucky number.
    Fact 15. 14 is an unlucky number in my country.
    Fact 16. 16 is a lucky number in my country.

    So now here are my questions:
    1. In the UK, is it usually so strict concerning the deadline that even one minute late is also late? I ask this because it is certainly not the case in my country.

    2. What is a provisional mark? I looked on the university website that it is subject to change when an exam board check it and converted it to the confirmed mark. But I can find information as to when this happens. So does capping usually occurs when the provisional mark is given, or does capping take place when the provisional mark is converted to the confirmed? To be more exact, is this 78 likely to be my final mark, or is it more likely to be capped to 50 in the confirming process?

    3. I found from the university website that we are given the right for an appeal. So, Do I stand any chance? What material should I prepare beforehand? Or is there anything I can do now? Or, any other advice would be more than welcome.

    I promise that whatever reply I get and whatever marks I finally have, I would report to you for your reference.

    Thanks for your advice in advance!
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    It doesn't look like your marks have been capped. If they were you wouldn't have been given the 78 at all and your work would have been marked as late before it went to the academic markers. Provisional just means that it needs to be confirmed by the board of studies which is normal procedure for every mark in more unis so calm down
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