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    Hello, my name is Rachael and I am 16 years old. At the moment I am studying my Gcses at secondary school. Sooo let me give some more background info

    For GCSE I am studying:
    English lit and Lang
    Systems and control
    (I also did statistics in year 10)

    For my future life? I don't how to phrase it. But i want to hopefully go to Cambridge to study medicine (then if can - go to become a geneticist). And after researching I found I need roughly 7 or 8 a*s. Which is a hefty few. I belive I can do it however because my predicted grades are similar:

    Maths 8 or A*
    English lang 7 or A
    English lit 7 or A
    Geography A*
    Computing A*
    Systems and control A
    French A
    Chemistry A*
    Biology A*
    Physics A*
    Statistics A already got

    So at the moment are am pretty confident in getting 6 A * s but the other two are gonna be difficult. My best bet is systems because my coursework seems to be in track for an A* and theory is a already there. But the 8th one may be tricky. I am thinking English lit. I have been revising alot for that over the past 2 months and belive I am getting the hang of it.

    For revising I work best by speaking out loud. So I often sit in my room ranting about poems or geography case studies. For me it seems to work. I also don't have a time table I have a diary which I fill up with all the revision I have done for that day, so when I next do tat subject I cover all the prior parts. It is difficukt to explain but I seem to be retaining all of the info. I revise for around 4 and a half hours around day depending on productivity or clubs. I start work at 4pm and revise till my dinner at around 6pm then from 6.40 till 9pm. I then play my Xbox to chill. However I also have some extra curicular that are getting in the way. I am part of the yearbook comitee which meet every Friday lunch. I also am in the school council but those meetings are limited. I am a member of mun also which I have wanted to join since like year 4 lol. They meet after school Thursday. I was helping out for the play my school is doing but sadly had to drop because I needed time to revise.

    SUBJECT BREAKDOWN: I'll be now saying about all my subjects and talk about how i feel about them.

    Maths: Maths I really enjoy. I seem to be good at it cos I nearly have gotten a few 9s which is high A*. I feel confident for the exam in may/June

    English (both): haha wow English is one of my least preferred subject. I find it difficult to spell so spag Marks are my nightmare. But for English lit I like the content. We are looking into Mac Beth, Jekyll and hyde , inspector calls and poems on love and relationship. So quite a nice selection. I have been focusing on English quite a bit due to the need for an A* in one of the papers lit being more likly.

    Geography: I have always loved geography and wanted to take it for and a-level but got told i couldn't. I am predicted and level A* which I have been able to acheive it. My coursework is finished, I completed it just before Christmas. I was told off because I was writing too much for my work - I was veering on 15000 words and 45 pages so I had to cut down to 11000 and around 30 pages. But my teacher belive I can get an A*.

    Chemistry: ahhh chemistry. I do love you. Chemistry is one of those subjects which just works. I love how it all links together. I am really enjoying c3 because of the difficulty. (I am a sucker like that always play a game on hardest difficulty I say). My teacher is cool dude. He came with me and three of my friends to The Gambia because we won a competition to set up a business via the school -seemed to go well lol but for this subject I am confident in an A*

    Biology: this subject is a bit odd - I didn't like it in year 7 to 9 because it was quite boring but as soon as I got to year 11 I just started loving it. I really like finding out how the body works ( one huge factor in the decision to take medicine). But this one as well I feel confident in and do really like it.

    Physics: this is a strange one. I did really like it but I started not to like it when it came to GCSE. This could be down to my teacher. We are his first class so he is a bit unexperienced but I don't mind that it is just we are behind. We have only just started learning p3. Now I have been learning it separately but it is good to learn in a class. This one I am not super confident on but I think I can do it.

    Computing: before medicine this is what I wanted to do. Both my parents are computer peeps and so I wanted to be one. I took year 9 computing and then GCSE ofc. Coursework seems to be good - nearly finished just improving ealier bits to be at an A * level. Theory I have always found a bit tricky but I belive I can do it.

    Systems and control: this was the 'I need a fourth' GCSE, I was unsure about whether I would enjoy it or if it would go well. Well, it seems like it could - I enjoy theory I am nearly at A* but coursework is stressy. I am at page 10 nearly done page 11 and I have been told it is A* Standard. However the pages are only work 110/180 so I will need to step up my practical skills fair bit. But overall I feel confident I can get an A or even A*

    French: ahhhh noooo this is my worst subject. By. Far. I understand writing and reading (getting A*s) and speaking is ok? Got an A. But listening. Oh my I got a U in my last mock, I then tried foundation and got an E. So I might just to get a grade then hopefully mu reading writing and speaking to get it to B or A.

    For A level I want to take Biology, Chemistry, maths and further maths I had my interview for sixth form yesterday and i got in!

    So that was my subjects! I revise a fair bit so I feel like I will be able to cover everything but I wanted to take part because motivation is lacking haha.

    See ya sooonnn - Rachael


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