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Some random guy came up to me and said I danced like a fag :( watch

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    (Original post by James.Carnell)

    Regarding my sexuality I am more the confused type, sigh.
    Confused in what way? Try not to get into needing labels, people are who they are and labels never fully fit people tbh. Just be yourself
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    (Original post by James.Carnell)
    I was out for a friend's birthday last night and hit the dancefloor after a few beverages. I was just having a good time, minding my own business when a bloke came over and told me I danced like a fag and that I was probably gay.

    It upset me , why do these unprovoked attacks happen to me?
    Ignore them and dont let it make you self conscious. Some people are just turds, he could have been drunk, on drugs or just wanted a reaction to make up for his own insecurities. By getting upset tiy are giving him a credibility he doesnt deserve.

    (Original post by James.Carnell)
    He probably wasn't. Although just after Christmas I was at the gym and a creepy man with one earring winked at me and was a bit too friendly. Then there was the time some guy tried to feel me up in a nightclub 2 years ago. :s:

    Regarding my sexuality I am more the confused type, sigh.
    If you want to get better at dancing, you have to practice it okay?

    good luck

    Next time challenge him to single combat to establish your dominance.
    Piss on him for added effect.
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    (Original post by Inexorably)
    And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

    in all honesty though, who cares about his opinion. You'll probably never see him again, just move on and keep on dancing to spite him
    I love that quote! :cry2:
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    (Original post by James.Carnell)
    There definitely is in my community , I wish everyone was just allowed to love each other
    What community is that then? I wouldn't worry about people like that.Probably just some idiot with a small mind.Trying to overcompensate for something even smaller me thinks.
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