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In the UK, we can see many groups popping up that consist of self proclaimed paedophile hunters. Many argue they are stopping paedophiles from carrying on their terrible ways, while others argue they are ruining their lives and turning them to suicide. People have been arrested for defending their home against people breaking in with view to steal, usually leaving them injured or in some cases, dead. Should we be arresting these paedophile hunters? Should we be arresting people who choose to defend their home? We know that the police are understaffed, and as we saw with the riots, the only defence we could have is to set up groups to protect our own homes and shops, though we will be arrested for doing so. Is it time we allow these vigilante groups to form and give certain powers to them when we know the police can't handle it, obviously limiting the amount of groups allowed to have these powers with strict control. Or maybe, we should rely on the police, and allowing vigilante groups will only result in anarchy? What do you think?
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'Gotham needs me to be whatever I must'
'The will to act'
'Are you not entertained'
Police will never be in total control as this goes against God I think.
They can be quite fun and just do their jobs???
This is the way it used to be in the 70s I believe?
Or else it goes up and down constantly?
The police do have enough power when they get Northern Irish officers over for riots lol...
There would be more worry if the army ever had to get involved to enforce martial law to a certain extent...
What's wrong with the government we have now? Can you not enjoy yourself and spend less time worrying about other people's jobs?
You can see the effect IS are having on the rest of Europe I don't think it's healthy to allow people to be silly. Though extremism is serious!!

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