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    So today, while I was cramming in the uni library for my exams starting Monday, thought i'd text my girlfriend see how her day is going because she seemed a bit off / upset this morning.

    She had previously told me she was going to see a friend for a coffee and I told her I hope it cheers her up and that I'm on the other end of the phone if she needs to talk but I'm so far behind I need to study. She got back to me telling me she'd had an amazing afternoon, that instead of getting a quick coffee her and her friend had gone to have drinks together, do a little shopping then went out for a meal.

    Now she absolutely hates shopping and wouldn't ever enjoy doing that, and she feels uncomfortable eating out so I thought that was strange, then I read back and she mentioned this friend was a guy, who she'd not seen or talked to in years. Naturally I didn't feel good about this so I thought i'd just leave her to it and not reply till I got home, my replies would have been slow / minimal while I was studying anyone.

    I thought I'd feel okay but I've just felt really uncomfortable all evening and she asked me what's up. I basically told her that I feel uncomfortable with her doing that, that if a friend had told me their other half had done that I'd find it really weird. But now she's gone off on one saying I don't trust her, and I don't understand how much she likes me, and that I'm overreacting, that I shouldn't even be bothered with this because she meets up with friends all the time.. but they only ever are a coffee for an hour then they go their own ways.

    I'm at a loss, I'm starting to think i'm overreacting by saying I find that her doing that makes me really uncomfortable? Am I being completely unreasonable here?

    Don't you trust me? She said, as she bent over to suck another mans ****.

    This is the go to for cheating whores sorry. You know her better than we do, if she talks about him in an infatuated tone of voice you're screwed. Any attempt to point out the obvious and she'll think you're being jealous.

    Let me show you how absurd this situation is:

    GF meets Guy A
    Guy A is flirty and arranges meetup
    GF is obviously infatuated and says yes, but pretends it is innocent
    GF tells you she is meeting said guy in an infatuated tone, obviously wind you up
    You tell GF you don't like this guy who obviously just wants a bang

    What happens? GF calls you jealous and does it anyway.

    But what if you don't?

    GF calls you weak and a pushover and sleeps with him anyway.

    And guess what? It's all your fault! You should have been able to get out of this impossible situation. Nevermind it is entirely her fault.
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