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Help!! My friend grows bacteria!! ;( How am i gna live with him??? Watch

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    This scenario is happening at uni and im stressed. ;(!!!

    So basically yh... we agreed that myself and my other mate are going to move in with this friend (we'll call him X) and made this plan 2 month ago. However, we were told by X's flat mate that he is the flatmate from HELL!! he leaves food in the kitchen for 3 weeks to the point where blue bacteria grows on it like wtf.. he doesnt wash his dishes and when he does, he merely wipes it and puts it away... furthermore, he takes up 95% of the freezer... and the rest of the 5 flat mates have to share the rest of the fridge... when they confront X about this, he says hes busy and gets confrontational. X's flatmate has said we can move in with him, but we dont wana snake X as hes a cool guy. I cant deal with bacterial colonies in our kitchen... and as for the toilet, lets not mention that. And dont get me started on X's flatmates protein powder. He only said he can borrow some of the powder. A normal person would borrow a scoop or two max, he decided to use the whole 40kilo bag in one day... (exaggeration but it was finished lol)... someone help us wat shall we do. even if he promises hes gna not do it i dont wana get tied down in a year long rental contract. Appreciate the help. thanks

    Well.... the truth is that he's probably not going to change, tbh. First of all remember what you like about this guy and why you chose him to be one of your roommates. Then, it is important to establish ground rules from the very beginning. Tell him what you've heard. It is probably better to go ahead and have a calm conversation with him early on instead of confronting him when you've gotten cross and he's gotten defensive. You can also tell him that you are going to tell him that he needs to clean up if he does. Then you and your other flatmate will have to discuss, behind the scenes, what your going to do when/if that actually happens and he doesn't clean up after himself. Will you clean his dishes before they they grow mold? Will put his dishes away? The other thing to consider is that cleanliness habits of the former roommate. Is he/she a neat freak? Does everything constantly have to be out of sight? Some of the strain could be from the other roommates expectation. Again, though, remind yourself what you like about your future roommate and think about his redeeming qualities. Hopefully he's more aware of the need to do his part when living with others in a flat.
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Updated: January 14, 2017
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