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Can we use washing tablets rather than powder in the launderettes?

Seems like a silly question but actually quite important really! I'm just wondering if it's ok to buy tablets rather than powder.

Thanks, MissSurfer
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well i used liquitabs if thats any help?

i would have thought tablets are ok. whatever you use(powder/tablet etc.) it will go in the drum with the clothes.
University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham
yes of course
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lol yes its fine
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How much do the washing machines and dryers cost? I need to remember to start saving pound coins and change for them!
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Thanks! I never really thought about it before but then someone was saying the other day how you gotta find out before you go buying tablets and then not being able to use them...

how much do you guys normally spend on washing each week btw? something else i haven't put much thought into!