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So how do I really pass graduate job interviews / assessment centres? Watch

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    >failed yet another graduate interview
    >graduated 1.5 years ago

    How the hell do you pass graduate interviews in the UK? I turn up to the interview, usually an assessment centre. I do the easy tasks. I get interviewed by HR people with posh accents, who did zero work arts degrees at university. I answer the easy interview questions, both the rudimentary ones about the role and company that require small amounts of research, along with the "competency questions" in a STAR format. I'm surrounded by normie candidates getting interviewed by their normie clones. Then I go away and get rejected a few days later. That's what happens every time.

    It's literally impossible to get a job if you're not one of da lads or have a posh accent. What's the point of dong anything when I'll always be rejected by a committee?
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    Maybe you portray a hint of the chip on your shoulder/looking down your nose at people attitudes you have shown in your post.

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    Agree with the above. If you're answering interview questions that you deem to be 'easy' in a checklist format, like you've memorised the answers (this is just how you come across here) then that will come through at interview and you'll seem to lack enthusiasm or seem cold and robotic. If you're worried about your accent it's not that difficult to put one on - I try and speak more proper in interviews than normally which is mainly to help me be more articulate when speaking. Could you ask the companies who reject you for feedback?

    Going to watch this as I've got some assessment centres coming up.

    Give your best advice please people

    Your problem is your own attitude. Unfortunately, your interview questions and assessment centres tasks are more difficult than you give them credit for - if they were easy, you'd pass. Perhaps the issue is that the tasks and interviews are designed to a) show how well you'd collaborate with others and b) to ensure you're the right 'fit' for the company.

    Given most work these days focuses more on a person-organization fit where technical ability and person-job fit approaches are merely tick box exercises, I'd say your full approach is wrong.

    You look down on people's degrees, judge them by their accents, don't afford them credit or the ability to be professional (is if they would reject you based on your accent), don't show your peers in the same position (or the process on the whole) any respect - that's the real problem. Become a better person with more humility - and work on understanding what these tests are for, then you'll have more success.
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