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    so i'm not great at writing and i want to know how to improve my application to be head girl at my school, thanku!!

    Dear _____,
    I am writing to you to express my interest for the position of Head Girl, or Senior Prefect, at _____. Becoming Head Girl would mean a great deal to me as I feel I should give back to the school for the amazing time I've had over the past 4 years, and hope to support others the same was I have been supported throughout my time . Upon structuring my application letter, I kept asking myself the same three significant questions: what role does the Head Girl perform? Why would I like to be Head Girl so much? Why I should be chosen over the other candidates? I decided to dedicate my application to these.

    What is the role of the Head Girl?
    I believe that the Head Girl (and Boy) play a large part in school life, for the staff and the students, and I feel as though I could live up to this if I were chosen. For this position, one needs to have the ability to be a role model to the rest of the student body and the skill to inspire their peers. I think that the Head Girl should be able to make everyone feel welcome and important; whether the student is arriving in year 7, or in year 11, they should feel wanted and have their ideas listened to. I think it is compulsory for the Head Girl to take on this duty and take everyone's ideas into consideration. The position requires someone who is proud of their school and is willing to represent it whilst upholding the great reputation that _____ is known for. They should be easy to talk to, without feeling intimidated and I feel as though I can take on this role. This is proven by my confident, but not patronising nature when I deal with customers in my voluntary position at _____. I also feel that this has helped me grow as a person since I started there in June.
    Why I would like to be Head Girl?
    I would love to take on the role of Head Girl at _____ due to it's challenging but achievable nature. I am perseverant and persuasive, and this is key when applying for the duty that requires someone of the sort. I am not one to shy away from trying over and over again to my best ability when the job needs to be done; in other words, I work well under pressure. I have also taken on some leadership roles, taking in everyone's ideas without being dominant, but instead helping to convince people to keep on going. Evidence for all of this is the Duke of Edinburgh when lots of my group wanted to give up and take a shorter route home, but I managed to help persuade people not to surrender and persevere on, and we ended up completing it, ready for the next walk. I have also taken academically challenging GCSE subjects; geography, business and history. I want to leave ______ at the end of year 11, knowing I have made a difference. I already have some ideas on projects that I'd like to work on if I earned this role, for example working closer with charities like __________ (since I already have connections) and maybe gaining closer links with the ______ - _____, my house, currently has existing associations.
    Why should I be chosen?
    Reflecting on my time at _____, I can see that I have learnt many things such as confidence, responsibility and commitment. These efforts can be shown through my participation in the ____ _____ ____, my elected contribution in ___ ______ ____ (achieving a 1st in my essay) and finally committing to working after school and on the mornings of Saturdays at the charity shop. This has made me learn how to persevere even more, as on many of those days, I just wanted to quit, but I carried on and I actually really enjoy it. I think that is key in life in itself; you have to like what you are doing, and I enjoy being at school. I think this helps as I am more motivated to learn and participate in the extracurricular activities like rugby, painting the stage and visiting the ____ gym on a regular basis. However, even with these voluntary activities, I am still able to maintain my studies to a high-standards and targets, which is important when taking on a role such as Head Girl.
    Finally - overall, I believe I have the necessary qualities to fulfil the standards of the Head Girl position and would be honoured to represent _____ in such way.
    Yours sincerely,

    also, my laptop may have spelling errors so correct me if it is wrong (needs to be british spelling).
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    I think that reads quite well
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