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    Ok, so a few years ago I met this guy I had a lot of chemistry with. Long story short, today we don't speak and it never really went anywhere despite us wanting it to. This was back in 2013.

    Now, I tend to stalk his Twitter from time to time. Not because I'm a creepy stalker but because I don't have him in my life, so to know what he's up to I can only go on his social media... And I might be stalking a bit. Never mind.

    I've mistakenly followed him a few times. My Twitter name is my name written in Japanese so I doubt he would be able to read it. But my username is my full name(!) I've done this so many times by mistake. I would immediately unfollow as soon as it happens.

    After this, I happen to see him at college (it states on his Fb he goes to this college) from a far distance. I've always dreaded I would bump into him but I never did until that day. And that was the only time. Like I said it was from a distance and from a large window where you can completely see everhthjng- meaning that the window is so big that you can see someone like including what shoes they are wearing, what trouser and top etc.

    I wouldn't have recognised him so quick if I didn't know he was going to the college. It doesn't state that I go to the same college on my fb. I was texting on my phone and then just looked it of the window and at him basically staring at him. And it didn't occur to me that he could see me too until his head moved up as he came towards the building (I was on the second floor so it was high up and I'm short sighted so I couldn't tell where his eyes were looking before) I immediately looked away.

    I checked his Twitter about 4 minutes later and there was a new tweet saying 'Eveyone come see me cuz my shapeup is peng' with a key emoji in the end. My question is did he know I would see that tweet because he knows I stalk his Twitter? Or he didn't recognise me properly (since it was three years ago and I've put on three stones since then). Or did he think I was just some random girl that was being odd and staring at him, or possibly some lookalike?

    I'm really beating myself up about this. He was someone I really liked. I know the tweet wasn't obvious but he had a gf at the time so it's not like he can just come out with anything for other girls on

    please please please forget about him. you can't spend all your life chasing after him. best thing to do is just not use social media for a while, and actually go to places where you can meet people.
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