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I lived with a psychopath watch

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    Never in my life have I accused somebody of being a psychopath before I met Ana.

    She wasn't a friend when she moved into the flat that I shared with another girl for three years, she was a stranger that was at the same university as us on a different course. At first meeting her, she seemed lovely, quiet and polite. Didn't say much about herself but we expected we'd all get on fine.

    A few days into her living with us, the sink was getting very blocked with food being shoved down it on a daily basis. We politely pointed this out to her, and she responded aggressively and rudely, accusing us of doing it, not her. We knew this was a lie but didn't think too much of it, thinking it would be a one off reaction.

    Then she started to steal and break out things, again, accusing us of doing it and refusing to own up to it herself. She would snap aggressively if we asked for our things back, saying she didn't have them but wouldn't let us into her room to get them. It was annoying and we became concerned. Nothing like this had ever happened in the three years myself and my other flatmate lived together. Ana would do things like pour boiling water into a thin drinking glass and it would smash, then she'd turn and glare at me about it as if it was my fault, without saying anything. It was no surprise that only two people turned up to her party, who told me Ana is dating two different boys at the same time.

    Then the fire risks started. Every day the alarm would go off and I'd have to run to the kitchen while she sat in her room ignoring it, even though it was her that was cooking unsafely. E.g, using the grill on max heat, filling it with tinfoil and oil, then closing the oven door.. I reported her for doing things like this repeatedly and she would deny that she had done it. She was caught by our friend taking the batteries out of the alarm in the kitchen. When our friend told us what he saw, we asked Ana why she did this. She then accused my other flatmate of doing this, when she wasn't even home at that time. Lied straight to my flatmates face saying that it was her that did it, not Ana. This was when things became very serious and we knew something just was not right with her.

    We ended up all going into the agency's office to report her. She lied her way through it, wiping her dry eyes, saying we're making her ill with these accusations. I do not understand why the agency didn't evict her when we showed them evidence of how she has damaged the property, put our lives at risk, evidence of her racism and proof that she bragged online about trying to set fire to a mouse in our (gas) boiler cupboard which would have blown up the building if she had succeeded. They let her off, all they cared about was getting rent.

    Ana became threatening, coming up to my face, glaring intimidatingly and forcing me to move out of her way, continuing to steel things and punish us for reporting her by putting the heating on max temperature in the middle of the night so we had to wake up and turn it off or pay huge bills. She starting leaving our flat door open in a city where strangers would enter and rob us. She would shave and leave all her hair in a dry bath then go away, leaving us no choice but to clean it or stand in it while showering. No consideration or sense of guilt for her actions.

    The final straw was when I came home from a night out with my friends to find a foreign stranger in my home, with keys, refusing to leave, claiming he paid money to be here at this 'bed and breakfast.' Ana was gone and my other flatmate was abroad. Ana never spoke to me again, she wouldn't open my messages to her, I had to call the police to take the man out of my home. This could have ended so, so horribly wrong. This man could have stolen all my things, claimed squatters rights, and yes, even killed me if he felt threatened by me calling the police to get him out. I reported everything to the agency and had no choice but to leave and lose hundreds of pounds in rent for doing so. They wouldn't evict her, even with police evidence of what she had done to us, and broken the tenancy agreement. Psychopaths have a way of getting away with everything. The last I heard, she's moved to America. I'm so glad it's over and I'm safely away from her.

    Don't think she's a psychopath. More like someone who's got some mental health issues who's also in denial, hence the rage when her mess is pointed out to her.

    A real psycho, you won't know until 'till its too late (as they're good at hiding their true self) , and when the penny drops - you'll be so sh*t scared you'll move out immediately.

    & you won't tell the other housemates, coz they'll think this dude is the best and you're the one who's lying.

    wow... and I thought I'd lived with a few nutters...
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