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    Hello, so yeah as the title says I'm pretty worried about University life. ;C

    I'm only just a mature student but the 4 years age difference between me and the normal a levels goers is gonna reveal it's self when I'm not into going out drinking and what not every night. I had to grow up a lot earlier than most people so I feel older than I actually am sometimes. Pretty worried about how I am going to fit in on the course, particularly within the university halls where I expect I'll be living with youngsters.

    I am already worried about this UCAS waiting, please tell me someone has some information that would put my mind at rest?
    I'm super worried I'll become lonely at university as I've seen so many other mature students become.

    Not all 18 year olds want to go out drinking every night, and not all students in halls are school leavers. If you keep an open mind and don't obsess about age, there's no reason why you should be isolated. If you don't mention your age, chances are that nobody else will even realise that you are (slightly) older than them. Even if they know, they won't care.

    Not wanting to act like university is a party is nothing to do with age. There will be plenty of none mature students who don't want to party, and there will be plenty of mature students who do want to party.

    You being just 4 years older than typical entrant age is nothing to do with why you feel like that, that's just who you are and you will meet plenty of other people in university who feel the same from all age groups.

    I don't know what kind of wild party people think being at university is like, but they're in for a shock when they realise the reality of it. I didn't go to university in my teens and twenties. But I dated people who did. They and their classmates spent most of their time worrying about assignments and day to day life. Sure we went out, but people who have no experience of it for real seem to think it's like being on a club 18-30 holiday. It's really not for the majority of students.

    Most Uni's offer a mature student and/or a quiet accommodation so you can be put into flats with like minded people! 😊

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    I would try not to worry about it too much. I'm 21, (22 in december this year) and will be applying for halls should I get into University. Chances are that most people won't be bothered about your age and as others have said, not everyone goes out drinking so I am sure you will find like minded individuals

    Im in the same boat , albeit with a much larger age gap. Im pretty sure that numbers wise there will be somthing for every one , plus
    why are we going to university? to study?

    You will have 4 years life experiance on most which will no doubt prove its worth in time.

    Lol. Four years is not a lot at all. Many students there will not 'all be 18' you'll be fine. There are definitely people your age there.
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