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    So as the title says it I am VERY stressed out about 1st year at university and its causing me to not even think properly on a day to day basis.

    The problem lies with failing modules and worrying about resits, or worst case having to repeat the year. Im doing Computer Science at Hull, and its exam time, and the 2 modules that are stressing me out so badly are Programming. The programming modules are not core, however the other modules I am doing that are core have been going very well for me as a matter of fact I already passed 1 of the core modules out of 4 with 75%. I have another core exam for another module on the 18th of Jan, which I am extremely confident I will pass, as my coursework was also very good.

    I was wondering If I pass all of my core modules, but mess up the 2 optional modules that are programming, will the university kick me or give me a chance to go into second year. I feel that even if I try to resit the programming modules in summer I will fail them again having to then worry about either leaving uni or repeating the year, which both I wish not to happen or do.

    In addition, I completely messed up the programming coursework but still submitted it, however it is rubbish, and I have tried to revise for programming I just cannot understand it. Plus, I have to demonstrate the program I have written and seeing that I did not even complete the coursework it will be so embarrassing even going to the demonstration, as I will not know what to even say, (I have to attend the demonstration or grade gets capped at 40)

    I am not one of those people that goes out drinking or partying or anything. I attend all lectures, submit all coursework and study for the modules I actually understand. So I mean I have no idea how unis work in the UK, what do they base kicking you out of uni on or making you repeat a year on? :'( Like do they pass you based of you're overall average of the modules in the year? Meaning if I pass 4 modules, but fail 2, they will let me through seeing my pass ration is higher than the fail?

    After my exam period on the 20th of Jan, I have a week and a half off where I booked a holiday to Germany to see some friends, and I am not even looking forward to that much because of this programming hell I am going through. Programming is just one of those things that I as an individual cannot l earn at all, and my programming exam is on the 20th. In Semester 2, which starts on the 1st of Feb I have my second programming module that I am not looking forward too

    All replies are appreciated.

    To continue into the next year at uni, you need to pass everything with at least 40%.

    If you fail a module, you will need to retake it but the grade will be capped at 40% even if you get a higher mark.

    Depending on the structure of your degree, programming is an important part of IT and may turn up in some form or other when you come to do your dissertation in your final year. So i think you should make an effort to learn it well enough to get reasonable grade, even if its not your favourite subject.

    Your other options could be to transfer to another CompSci degree that doesn't have programming or even to a none-CompSci degree. You should speak to your personal tutor and/or your student union welfare team. They will be able to give advice that is more relevant to the degree that you are doing.

    Good luck!
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