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Virgin at 24 watch

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    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww virgin male at 24

    like do u have a disorder at something?

    how da heck did u not ****/****/****/have *** with someone by this age... ur a cis white male for god's sake

    smh the UK is going downhill, can you believe some people are actually keeping their virginity all the way to 24?

    ur brain stops developing at 25 - imagine having *** after u've got the executive function to decide whether you're ready for it *shudder* ewwwwwwwwww

    i lost mine while i was in the womb, ur obviously a ****** that lives in his mum's basement.

    (Original post by l'etranger)
    older male virgins are emotional liabilities.
    (Original post by l'etranger)
    With the exception of religious men, guys who lose their V tend late, tend to be really messed up. If you've gone through high school, sixth form, university, had jobs, general friends and still no nookie. It's weird.
    Plenty of serial killers and gangbangers get plenty of nookie, does that make them any less messed up? Also, most convicted paedophiles rape their own children, No, not other people's children, but ones that their wives/girlfriends gave birth to. The fact that you're gauging how weird/messed up someone is on how much sex they've had is very telling.

    Someone's worth as a person can't be judged by their sex life, anyone who tells you otherwise has an unchecked ego and needs a punch in the face to bring them back down to earth. Being a virgin only becomes a problem when you make it as such; maturity and confidence come with age, perhaps now is not your time, but don't let people tell you that you are weird because you don't fit into their paradigm.
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    it's normal. and this is coming from a girl. the time will come when it comes. its nothing to be ashamed of and real women won't judge you based on that. that's just shallow....
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