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Scared even in my own home after mugging watch

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    Friday evening I went out to the cash machine near my house and there was a guy behind me who used to machine after me. I started heading home, it was late but not quiet. Walked past some police officers dealing with an incident, man walking his dog and finally I was home. As I turned to head up the steps of my building though the man who had been at the cash machine came up behind me and threatened to stab me if I didn't give him my wallet. I know you aren't mean to fight a mugger but I have brittle asthma and that money was for my blue inhaler which I really need so I did the best I could to fight him but in the end he won (he was also lying about having a knife). He took my wallet and ran off with it and left me practically on the verge of an asthma attack. The one blessing is in his haste to get my wallet he threw my phone away by mistake and I retrieved it off the floor after he ran off.

    I reported it to the police and they are presently investigating but the incident has just had me really feeling unsafe.

    I mean I have had **** happen to me in the past, I'm transgender and a few years ago some school kids decided to batter me with full cans of pop due to that fact. But that incident although it happened close to my doorstep didn't happen on my doorstep and to the best of my knowledge those kids had no idea where I live. For the most part, I keep myself to myself and to not draw attention to myself I usually wear gender neutral clothing; jeans and hoody. To most strangers I'm a guy with long hair. But the point is the incident where I was assaulted shook me but those kids did not know where I live.

    The thing that has me so scared about this incident is less the mugging but where it took place and it has literally got me to the point where I am frightened even within my own home. I keep feeling like the mugger might have seen the police outside my house, maybe he will decide to come back and vandalise my house to make me think twice about talking to the police again. The fact this guy followed me home and knows exactly where I live has me literally terrified.

    I've contacted Victim Support but they have had server issues over the weekend and have told me they will get back to me tomorrow and they said they could come up and give me tips on how to make my house feel more safe. But in the meantime does anyone have any tips on making myself feel safe within my home?

    EDIT: I did not mean to post this twice and for some reason it won't let me delete the second post so I just thought I'd add this at the bottom of each.

    In the unlikely event that the guy who robbed you saw the police outside of your house the last thing I think he would do is try to attack you or vandalize your house, he has already escaped with your money. I doubt this makes you feel any better so maybe just talk to family or friends about it to try and get it off your chest.
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