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Body anxious teens avoid PE - do you? watch

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    I used to avoid PE because I could never face getting changed with everyone, walking around in shorts in front of everyone, and I always felt like I was being compared to everyone else. It made me feel really awful and I'd have panic attacks just thinking about the lessons. I actually started skipping school on days when I had it because I couldn't face the idea of people talking about me not doing it and why. In the end my doctor had to sign me off completely

    I used to really enjoy the gym. I was always nervous going, but because it was always adults there I felt a lot less judged. I had to stop when I got very ill though. I definitely think about what other people see of me when I go out for a walk around town or something, but not to the point of stopping me from doing it most of the time anymore
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    I skipped PE because I found it boring, I don't really enjoy playing sports, especially out in the cold. Now I am reluctant to go to the gym because I'm unfamiliar with the equipment and in order to see results, it would require a good diet (whatever that means), which I think have already, but it seems like there would be far too much monitoring and effort to put in. I have proposed going to a gym with a friend, but they don't go for the same reasons.

    (Original post by Len Goodman)
    I don't really see what the problem is. Back in my day we all used to enjoy going out for a bit of a kick about - even the fat ones. Sure beat sitting in a stuffy classroom listening to far-left teachers rambling on about nonsense anyway. And when we were finished we let it all hang out in the shower with no problems whatsoever.
    The Problem is PE prioritizes competitive sports like football which isn't the only form of Physical fitness there is. Any form of exercise should be encouraged, we're not arguing PE should be scrapped completely or anything like that rather the cirriculum should be more flexible and open minded for kids who don't find sports is their particular forte and should be given alternatives rather than have a sweaty old bib thrown in their face and forced into goal. Instead the sporty people should still be allowed to play football or whatever they want, but maybe the less sporty people can be grouped together and focus more on athletics, exercise and light sports like Table Tennis.

    People also say that Competitive sports promotes teamwork when in actual fact it does the opposite, for the less sporty people who might not be able to keep up with the rest of the team and be their downfall and as a result given grief, and just makes them want to not participate more and turn to fake notes and medical excuses. Sorry but time has moved on since your "days" the 1960s, its 2017 now.

    Yes. I feel like the fattest person in the class so I try to stay at the back and be quiet. And when we do runs I'm afraid to overtake people because I feel like it makes them want to go faster "when you're beaten by the fat kid"

    Seems as if most people on here skipped PE because they're either beta manlet fatties, or just anxious.
    Hell, even the fat boys in my PE set wanted to captain rugby and stuff. Round of applause to them.

    Everyone else saying they skipped PE makes me feel like an alpha, kek.

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