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    (Original post by Totallydaria)
    Help!! I've been stuck with a girl that has a disgusting personality for 5 years!!
    So we became friends in year 5 so in year 6 I thought we still were going to be. The thing is my family have heard about that girl let's call her B from a family friend and told me to be friends with her. So year 6 started and we both were nomininees to Be head girls.

    One week before the our speech to the primary side of our school, B's mum who is a dentist decided to come to our school and give us a presentation about teeth. For free. You know typical primary stuff.
    Long story short, we presented our speeches and I won by A LOT because I was preparing weeks for it and researching how to make it interactive. So before the results were out I kinda was certain I won because the whole of year 4 and 5 voted for me which leaves the year 3. Results day out, B won.
    My older sister was confused so was I, so she took my mum to school to figure out what happened. Turns out 85% of the school voted for me. So why wasn't I head girl. Personally I couldn't care less I didn't spend all my breaks preparing for it.
    Turns out, B's mum told my form tutor that her presentation is so her daughter could win. So my mum shamed like my tutor after she found out and I became headgirl. Two days later we both were headgirls. One week later I was cleaning the year 4 teacher's inbox (I had a strange job to do at lunch as I didn't like going out) ((that teacher told me that I was allowed to got through her mails as long as I deleted her spams)) and I found a letter by B's mum addressed to every primary teacher saying that B is depressed and keep threatening to commit suicide because she is not head girl.
    So u kinda get the idea.

    Basically ever since year 6 she's been comparing herself to me by EVERYTHING!!! She tries very hard to ruin my rep and make me sad but she calls me her best friend. The thing is I'm mostly getting grades better than hers and I am better behaved in class than her ( I answer questions and keep quite, she just doodles and whispers to her other friend) AND SHE GETS STUDENT OF THE YEAR, EVERY YEAR!!

    Worse of all I have to be taken to the hospital and examined because I might have something related to stress (hopefully not anxiety) and it's all because of that ***** (Ök and my mum as she is always pressuring me). I try very hard to study and keep quite in class just so I can make my mum proud and so I can get to Cambridge but it's impossible when she effortlessly gets Student of the Year all they time.
    Do u think her mum is still blackmailing the School?
    And most importantly what should I do?
    Thank u sooooo much for reading and please give me some advice. I just got my reports today (good but had lots of errors) and she kept rubbing it into my face that she got well. Naturally I didn't show her but she's acting so snobby I just wanna punch her.
    How can she be a friend if you say she is trying to ruin you?
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