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    I am studying 11 GCSEs (as well as Admaths) which means I'm doing triple science and an extra subject (Ancient Greek). I've done GCSE Dt for the last year and I hate it. The theory and the actual exams are ok - I normally do well on those things - but I am extremely bad at the coursework and hate it with a passion. I frequently get panic attacks from just thinking about it and it doesn't help that I'm very behind on it and my teacher is pressuring us to finish. I love the teacher but I hate the majority of the subject and I don't know if I should give it up as I want to, or if I should carry on.

    I'm still waiting on the results from my mocks but I think that I did well in all of my exams (I'm usually getting A*s/As) but I know that I'm doing badly in my coursework. I don't want to be getting all As and A*s to then just have Dt pull it all down, especially when I'm doing extra subjects and so I don't actually need to do Dt. My school already knows that I can struggle with the high workload at times and they said that it could be a possibility to give up a subject but they were hinting at the subject in question being my extra one. I much prefer Ancient Greek (the extra subject) to Dt and even though it's a lot of hard work I think I could do well in it.

    I still have some time to decide but I'm almost certain that I want to do it. My parents are slowly starting to support the idea but I feel guilty about giving up a subject after 1 and 1/2 years of doing it. I'm also not sure how I would go about asking about it as I don't think I want to tell my Dt teacher directly (for obvious reasons) and I haven't heard much about how this is arranged and what I would do during lesson time.

    Any help or advice would be welcomed xx

    I also did DT and instantly regretted it. I was bad at it, it had rough people in it and I had no interest in it.

    I barely did any revision for it and got a B which was ok.

    However, I don't suggest dropping it but I suggest you focus on your other, more important subjects such as maths and sciences (especially when you're doing dmaths and triple/sci, an A* in those will look far more impressive than an A* in DT imo).

    That doesn't mean neglecting it all together. Do the coursework because it saves your ass and just do a little revision here and there.

    I didn't revise for my DT because it literally made me depressed. I hated it that much. I just wanted to do maths haha

    But 11 subject is the norm, is it not? I'm doing 11 and got offered to do Admaths but I despise it, so it's just 11 for me. At my school only the thickos or the people who have messed up lives will drop a subject, so I wouldn't. Anyway, if you are aiming for university, they only look at your top 8.
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