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I can't sleep because I'm too scared of ghosts - Please help! watch


    (Original post by Michiyo)
    How what you are trying to claim (that you were just explaining how you did it) would have sounded like: 'So, I know this is not for everyone, but I stopped believing in ghosts when I stopped believing in God. I felt that was a major turning point that cured my fear of ghosts and demons, so you may find that useful if it suits you'

    ...What you actually said: 'you should stop believing in god', 'if you are religious then [...] you believe in fairytales'

    Do you not think these may come across as a bit disrespectful since you outright called someone's beliefs a fairytale and tried to convince any religious people out there that they should stop believing in God for their own good (protection from ghosts)?

    Sure, I do not believe in Islam, so I just say 'I personally do not believe in Islam(, but anyone who does is welcome to do so as they have the right to believe in whatever they want)'. I am not calling what they believe in 'fairytales' or any other insulting words, nor am I advising them to stop believing in it since that would be rude of me.

    I know you did not mean it to sound like that, hence why I pointed out that you should be a bit more careful with the wording. How you phrase something can change the message completely, which is what happened here.

    Hahaha, you got it wrong, I am not a SJW. :rofl: I merely decided to point out that you should take a bit more care with the words you use before your wording offends someone in real life. You would not want to be known as the person who is racist against Muslims but who hypocritically claims not to be, would you? (Of course, this is most likely not true, but you may come across as so if you use bad wording like you did here.)

    Religion aside, thank you for giving the OP some tips that may help

    I know using anti-ghost things from a TV show sounds like a silly idea, but I for one felt safer with a knife near my bed when I was too scared to go to sleep back when my neighbour tried to break in at 3 AM three nights in a row. I knew nothing would happen, but having the knife nearby gave me a sense of security, so I thought feeling as if you have some protection (salt, iron) might help you just like it helped me.
    sorry for not having a great education like u
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    (Original post by StarGirlFrankie)
    So, it's currently 2:37am and I'm sat here wide awake with all the lights on knowing full well I have a 9am exam today. Except lo and behold, I can't catch a wink of sleep because my mind is in a tizz about the ghosts that I might dream about or who might be watching me from the other side of my room.

    Ever since I can remember, I have been stupidly afraid of ghosts as soon as the lights are turned off. I literally can't sleep in any hotels because I don't know what might be there. Sometimes I can't sleep at university in my room or even at home sometimes when it's dark.

    Not helping the situation in the slightest is the fact that I volunteered at a nearby castle on the Halloween weekend, so everytime I shut my eyes I put myself back on the 'forgotten floor' where I worked (it was very creepy), or back in the staff toilets where I think I heard something knocking on the walls... I know that It's silly to be afraid of ghosts, as they may not even exist, or even if they do, what are they going to do?

    Nevertheless, here I am. I have scoured the internet looking for help, but have only managed to scare myself even more... If someone could give me a long term solution, I would be forever greatful, and it might even ease some of the worries I have about moving into a new house at uni next year.

    TIA :-)
    I had this till I was about 12. Not ghosts though, death eaters!
    Sometimes in the dark I'd just scream out 'PROTEGO!' :wizard:

    Joking aside, the way I dealt with this is by thinking this. There are no ghosts, life just is not that interesting. As you grow, you realise there are no signs from the universe, or any movie moments where it's like everything is meant to be. Reality hurts. And is a lot worse. Sometimes I wish something supernaturally bad would happen to me, just so there was a little more intangible wonder in the world. It never happens. Life , I've sadly learnt, only exists on a physical realm.

    (Original post by Michiyo)
    Get the salt and have some iron nearby. That might help you feel safe.


    For those who do not get the reference: In Supernatural, ghosts cannot cross any line of salt (so if you sit in a circle of salt, they cannot reach you) and disappear if they are touched by salt or iron.

    Oh em geeee i was gonna make a Supernatural reference but you beat me to it

    Just think about how even if there is a ghost there it's not going to do anything to you. Not like it can touch you or harm you so just ignore it and sleep. The more you worry about it the worse it gets.
    Also you should always try to rationalise a 'normal' explanation for anything weird that happens. Thinking that it's a ghost shouldn't cross your mind. That'l help you stop being scared.


    also had this problem because I used to live in a house where things would get flung off the shelves randomly sometimes. And all sorts of weird things.

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    I don't personally believe in ghosts, but that does not mean I have not feared them in the past. Try to imagine them as similar to people, but less harmful. Perhaps learn to appreciate that nothing is going to get through a solid brick wall etc. ...you may still need to keep the light on a fair amount of time though. I think making sure you don't dwell on negative thoughts, memories, experiences etc. while trying to sleep would also be beneficial - you should try to focus more on the positive as much as you can.

    just watch tv or read a book take yoyr mind of it

    Just block your bed with blankets and stuff and tell yourself that they can't see you then. It worked for me.
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