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    I got someone fired at a casino, one of those croupier people, I just reported him to the manager for being a **** and I saw him get sent home early (I assumed he was fired). The manager said other people have reported him too. I ****ing hate people who don't take their job seriously and think it's some kind of toddler's art class where they can do/say what they want while getting paid. Respect the job!

    As for why I reported him, he was being cocky, like he knows everything about poker and was huffing and puffing when people were pausing to make a decision. Just being an arrogant prick.

    Was I right to report him to the manager? Should I feel guilty for potentially making someone poor AF and/or have to look somewhere else for work? Or am I right that people should take their jobs seriously and do their best to not offend customers.

    Tbh I got a little bit of a power rush out of this and I am sort of like a staff quality inspector now where I'm constantly looking out for things to report (but not actually doing it ofc).

    Not me but i remember that my entire year group in year 6 got together to fire one of the PE teachers. They accused him of being mean and hitting them (he didn't) and making various people cry etc. He was a bit strict but he honestly didn't deserve to be fired then we were stuck with the other guy called steve who scratched his crotch all the time... he still works there 6 years later....
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    It's always a big mental debate for me. I'd only report someone if their actions seriously infringed on my wellbeing, because it's most likely that the person needs that job to live and/or support themselves/family. I wouldn't ever really get satisfaction from reporting someone and leading them to lose their job, I'd feel terrible. But that's mainly because I'm a bit of a pushover.

    I think it really depends on exactly what the guy did, if he was being out of line, you absolutely should have reported him and you shouldn't feel bad for whatever action the manager took. People should take their jobs seriously, you're completely right. I guess the answer is just... it depends.
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