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Cornell vs. LSE

So I'm in my second year in Cornell for a BA in Mathematics and Economics (double major, meaning Ill take all the math courses of a math major and all the econ courses of an econ major).

Anyways, I'm thinking of the possibility of transferring into the Second year of the Math and Econ major at LSE after this year (actually not sure if that's possible for foreigners?)

It's not that I don't like Cornell- it has great opportunities, but I'm thinking I may like LSE better.

So do you think LSE might be interested? I have very high grades at Cornell.
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I would recommend considering doing the General Course for your third year... it is a year study abroad program. Often, if you talk to your advisor at LSE once you get here, they can make you a conditional offer based on how you do during your General Course year.

I am currently trying to do this, as is someone else on this forum. I would also like to transfer in to LSE as it is a much better university. I haven't herd of many students from other schools getting straight offers to transfer. But, I have herd of students transfering after a GC year.

If you have any questions, please PM me, I can always keep you posted on how things progress once I get there and talk to an advisor.

Good Luck if you do try!
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
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Yeah I'm not considering that. I can't leave my degree program at Cornell just for the CHANCE of a conditional offer one year later. LSE is only marginally better than Cornell for me, but enough for me to be interested. :smile:

I'm interested if they'll consider me 'direct to second year' (after having completed 2 full years at Cornell with much higher math classes, etc) So does anybody have info on that possibility?
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Doing the General course doesn't entail leaving your Cornell degree - basically it's a junior year abroad program, and if you don't get into LSE you go back to Cornell to finish your fourth year.